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Culture / Visual arts

The Art Of Bashkortostan. Twenty-first century. In the context of world culture. Part three.

The main strip 07.09.2018 at 14:51

As mentioned earlier, in Bashkortostan in the mid-nineties he formed a group of "Artysh", uniting artists, in whose work the national issues acquires a spiritual character. Based on folk traditions in the study of history, culture, religion, ancient art of his people, fine art "artisian" reproduces images with traditional and national spirit. We can say that the themes of their works focused on the idealization drevnerusskoi culture. The work of artists of this Association is based on close contact with artists of the older generation, thus, there remains a continuity that goes from Lutfullin A., B. Domashnikov etc. an Important qualitative characteristic of works by artists of the "Artysh" is the depth of understanding of the national concept, identified them with the people.