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Culture / Visual arts

Mirages Of Rasikh Ahmetvaliev. Part 3.

The main strip 11.09.2018 at 15:44

Gradually among abstract spots and lines begin to show the figurative images. In the works "Rider" (1993), "the Nutcracker" (1994) still dominates the graphics, but the figure could not be decisive in the artist's work, for which the leading method became scenic improvisation. Drawing the same situation, Rasikh picks like the jazz chords; superimposing them on a syncopated rhythm, varying, every time he creates a new improvisation. In his already completed works retaining a sense of process, movement. He is constantly experimenting in the framework of the favorite topics and never knows what will be the result. Starting work, the artist can not predict nor color, nor even themes sometimes. "I don't have a specific task. I can start with the form and delve into the subconscious. There is the emotion, and begin to weave, not knowing exactly what happens." It seems that the images arise by themselves, against the will of the master. However, if it turns out that new piece is reminiscent of something from the former, he destroys and re-written works on canvas...