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New! For the owners of Pandora DH90hh!!!

Alarm Obninsk 11.09.2018 at 20:49

Telemetry module Pandora NAV-09

Pandora NAV-09 is designed for installation and expansion opportunities of car alarms Pandora, Pandect, having a Bluetooth interface. First and foremost this new interested owners have already installed alarms Pandora DX-90B, DX-and DX 90BT-91 because the installation of Pandora NAV-09 will expand the capabilities of their systems, giving the ability to control modes of the alarm system with the phone voice interface and from the respective apps for phones, working with mobile Internet.

the Available options "to go to to protect" "to start/stop the engine", "get coordinate", "to the track", etc. And Pandora NAV-09 will be notified of the loss of battery power and capable of a few days to work as a GPS beacon on the built-in lithium battery backup power.

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