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The development of speech in children in the first year of life 16.09.2018 at 07:00

Planning for pregnancy, birth, parenting and child development

It is the ability to create sounds that form words. Language is the words that your child understands and uses in everyday life for communication.

the Development of speech in children is an amazing thing that all parents look forward to. The secret to helping your child to learn the language, is very simple: talk with your child as much as possible and try to listen to him.

the Development of speech is an important part of the overall development of your child

It supports your child's ability to communicate, Express and understand feelings. With the development of speech develops and the thinking of the baby. He can solve their children's problems, and much less cry. Studying the comprehension, use and command of the language, is a critical first step in the development of literacy and the basis for learning to read and write.

In the first 12 months, babies develop many of the features that underlie the development of speech and language. And they continue to develop language skills at an amazing rate in the first three years of life.

How to encourage speech development in a child

the Best way to encourage speech and language development of your child — a lot to talk to him about things that interest him. The thing is that the kid follows your example, showing you that he is interested, pointing, babbling or using words.

the Conversation with the child

Speak with your child and refer to him as a present companion, starting from the first year. When you finish talking, wait for a response from him – he will love it!

the Response to the gestures of your child

When your baby gets older and starts to use gestures, you can help him in his attempts at communication. For example, if your child shakes his head to answer as if he says "No". If he points a toy, respond as though your child says "Can I get it?" or "I like it".

When your child begins to use words that you can repeat what your child says. For example, if the kid will say, "Apple", you might say, "You want this red Apple?" You will be surprised how much the kid wants to say even before he will pronounce the words.

Reading with the child

Read and share books with your child and read more challenging books as he grows. Reading allows your child to hear words in different contexts, which helps him to learn the meaning and function of words. When you read aloud, you can point to the words, and to show, as you say. Explain to your child the relationship between written and spoken language and will help to know that the word is a separate part of the language. This is an important concept for the development of literacy.

If your family speaks two languages, can you encourage language development in both languages — for example, in Russian and English. Bilingual children achieve linguistic stages with the same speed for children who speak the same language.

language Development from 3 to 12 months

during this period, your child is likely to hoot and laugh, play with sounds and begin to communicate with gestures. At this stage, "speech," baby you can't see anything. The first words begin to appear in about 12 months.

Children grow and develop at different rates, and there is a great range. But you best know your child. If you have any concerns about the language development of your child or if your child is not lopatic and not using gestures by 12 months, speak about it with the paediatrician.

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