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How to treat cough in children 17.09.2018 at 11:00

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In young children is not such a strong immune system as adults, therefore, children are more susceptible to colds, one symptom of which is coughing. Sometimes a cold lasts too long and causing poor sleep and loss of appetite in your child. Moreover, the duration of illness can give complications on the bronchi and lungs. It follows that coughing in children can be treated immediately at the first manifestation and to full recovery and cessation of cough.

the instruction for the treatment of cough in children Step 1

As you know, the cough is a manifestation of respiratory diseases. So start the treatment with the underlying cause. To do this follow the doctor's prescription (if any). Be sure to follow the medication and do it regularly for 2 weeks because the cough may persist long after recovery.

Step 2

to cure cough in young children, used more folk remedies than pills and medicines. It is imperative for the child was warmly dressed in a jacket or warm pajamas. Child's feet should be always warm. Wear warm woolen socks in the afternoon and evening, despite the fact that the heat in the apartment.

Step 3

do Not use antitussives too often. Since cough is just a protective reaction. He raises sputum from the lungs and bronchial mucus and bacteria. With a strong cough helps milk with honey or with syrup of licorice.

Step 4

If the child has no temperature, during sleep (when the baby is less likely to move), it is possible for a breast to stick the yellow card, and do not soak with water. While the yellow card is dry it will not cause the child discomfort and will be slow to warm dry heat.

Step 5 an Alternative to the mustard — potato or cabbage compresses. Boil the potato While it's hot mash into a puree, Add the puree, a bit of iodine and three teaspoons of vegetable oil, Place the mass in foil and wrap into a flat rectangle

on the side which will be adjacent to the chest, pierce a few holes in the foil with a toothpick. Then (depending on the temperature of the compress) put the diaper in one or two layers between the chest and compress. Fasten crosswise the usual band-aid and cover the child with a blanket.

Step 6

Another effective way to get rid of wet cough is a compress of cabbage leaves with a spoon of honey. It has warming and fortified property, because the honey contains almost all vitamins and minerals. If honey causes an allergic reaction in a child, immediately stop the procedure!

Step 7

To thin out the sputum, give the baby warm milk and add the honey. Will also be useful warm fruit compotes, which you can add a little rosehip (rosehip Compote, baby it is best to drink only from a straw, not to destroy children's tooth enamel). If the child is over 3 years old, you can give tea with lemon. Any warm beverage would provide the effect of removing phlegm with the cough. A child's diet has included a very tasty and healthy dish is a warm potato puree. It should be a little thinner than you usually cook. To do this, add more hot milk. This dish is very well suited for the treatment of cough. Be healthy!