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Tantrums in children. How to handle it 18.09.2018 at 07:00

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Young parents can be difficult to understand that tantrums are the child — the result of their own upbringing. If tantrums are part of daily stop, you have to do something. Patience and a single the specific requirements of both parents — are the main trump cards in this situation.

Important rules on how to prevent and solve the problem of children's tantrums: the First

Often young mothers and fathers often underestimate the level of understanding of what is happening with their child. But even in the year the child understands very well how to manipulate adults to achieve their goals. And then there is a problem with tantrums. Confrontation baby "Want!" and the adult "No!".

the Second

Remember that "NO" means NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! For example, there is a means you can not play with electric socket. Or not – so you can't touch the hot kettle. No, it means no running, no playing on the road. Your "No" you should apply main principles of safety of your child. Extend your requirements to the child together with their spouse (wife), but try not to abuse prohibitions. If you insert the word "NO!" everywhere and everything to deny your child, it may lose its relevance. All other prohibitions of the parents can be expressed in a milder form. For example, "Let's not?!" or "I wouldn't do it." Be sure to explain to your child why you forbid him to do it.

the Third

Another important technique shift the attention of the child. Children, about two years old, you can easily get the attention from the dirty puddles on the pavement, to the beautiful great driving car. Mom just say cherished phrase, clearly and with expression: "Oh, look, a big truck let's go!". Do you think it's complicated, constantly comes up with something interesting to distract the child's attention? It only seems to you. Later it will become a habit and will not cause any difficulties.

the Fourth

Switch children's attention you need to be able to one year of age. Try to learn this immediately. At this time, the child begins to understand many things, and here it starts, the whims, tantrums and other problems with the child's character. Remember, the child should not be in the habit of screaming and hysterical, to achieve its goals. As soon as you give up the slack at least once – EVERYTHING! All is lost... Then starting over is harder, longer, and it will require much more of your power and effort your child. Remember this always!

the Fifth. Important. Final

there Are situations when none of the above rules does not work — the child does not listen anyway. First- talk to him. Find out can be your child that worried. We all know that a healthy child is a cheerful child in a good mood. What if the child is ill or has started to erupt teeth?! In such situations, you can be lenient in bans. If the child's not feeling well, he needs your understanding, care and affection. But remember, as soon as the sickness has gone and baby easier, it is very important to return all the rules in daily life without exception. All peace and good!