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Trading tips on Forex market 14.09.2018

Portal Forex trader 13.09.2018 at 22:13

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 14.09.2018


On a pair NZDUSD formed the pattern of a Doji below a trend line. We also see a large number of buyers in the statistics transactions. Probably will resume falling and continue the down trend. Considering there are sales for purposes 0,6432 and below.


On the pair EURAUD has not turned out a beautiful pattern. But it seems there is finished the correction to the level 1,6132 and will continue to increase further on the up trend. You should look at purchases and look for the Price Action signals for trades within the day.


On the GBPAUD pair formed a pattern Pin-bar on the support level 1,81900. Looks like correction is over and should pay attention to purchases. Purpose shopping 1,8440 and above.

Open orders big banks

Fundamental news Asia Pacific Nikkei 225 recovers 0.96%, the S&P/ASX 200 was 0.76% KOSPI + 0,14% Hang Seng Index + 2.54% and the Shenzhen Composite + 0.71%, the Shanghai Composite + 1,15%

the Establishment of the White house Commission on trade talks with China headed by the Minister of Finance of the USA Stephen Mochina "cheered" Asian investors and provided indices of the region into the "green zone".

the Outsiders trades made by the S&P/ASX 200 of Australia, crashed after employment, which is growing, but the unemployment rate for the year remained unchanged at 5.3%. This is at odds with promises and forecasts of the RBA. Investors fear that the Central Bank does not control the situation fully.

USA NASDAQ + 0.75% and the S&P 500 + 0.53 percent Dow Jones + 0,57%

Stock indices ended the session in plus on the reports of a considerable weakening of hurricane Florence, the rumors about the resumption of negotiations with China and positive data from the labor market.

Previously, it was expected that the hurricane will bring a real disaster, but at the last moment, meteorologists have noticed a significant weakening of. This message appeared at the time of trading, almost coinciding with the publication of the number of initial unemployment benefits, below forecasts 204K this week.

Forex Traders drew attention to the decline of inflation in consumer prices August 0,2% instead of expected 0,3%. This trend has affected the annual figures, reducing them to 2.2%, while experts expected to see them unchanged is 2.4%.

On this background, the dollar index repeated at least the end of August, continuing to weaken against a basket of major currencies.

the Eurozone

the Main event in the Eurozone was the ECB meeting.

Mario Draghi gives a press conference after the ECB meeting

Mario Draghi expected left zero rate, promising not to touch her importance until the summer of 2019, but to continue tapering QE to zero in the new year. Such a policy is tantamount to a rate hike, the Euro has responded with significant growth.

European investors preferred to play the local economic news:

DAX + 0,19 – index rose after the publication of consumer prices in August at the level of the forecast 0.1% SAS40 — 0,08% — investors are not decided on the direction due to the difference of the consumer price index with a harmonized forecast values of 0.5% instead of 0.6%, the FTSE 100 — 0,43% — the Bank of England left its QE program unchanged

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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