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Overview of Forex market in 17.09.2018

Portal Forex trader 16.09.2018 at 20:06

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 17.09.2018


On EURUSD it could go higher 1,17000 and expanding the price formed a pattern of Rails. According to the statistics, transactions of margin is not visible. And it looks like it will continue to move sideways for at 1.1500. Sales do not see here, let's wait for the development of the situation.


On Tuesday, the situation is similar and the price has reversed at the level of 0.96500. Probably a little eccorrections up that would try to gain strength for the fall. Transactions here are not considered.


On the EURJPY pattern of Internal bar at the level 130,80 and above the broken trend line. Expect a small correction down to confirm not a false breakout of the trendline. Then I want to see continued growth.

Open orders big banks

Fundamental news APR

On Friday the indices of the mainland China continued to decline after insider about the failure of leadership from trade negotiations with the USA and the dynamics of investment in fixed capital. In August in annual terms, it dropped to 5.3% instead of 5.5%. Positive Thursday "got" to win back to Hong Kong, where the stock exchange index left in plus after the US, thanks to the growth of the technology sector

the Shanghai Composite is up 0.18%, Hang Seng + 1.01 percent

For this reason, increased stock markets of Japan and Korea, despite internal pessimism indices of industrial production for July in the Country of the Rising Sun – minus 0.2%, consensus minus 0.1%.

the Nikkei 225 +1.2%, Kospi +1.4 percent

Australian investors have continued buying up the cheapened shares of mining companies against the background of recovery of raw material costs:

S&P/ASX 200 + 0.6%.

Investors chose Friday the tactics of cautious trading, closing the day near zero for all, major stock indices, waiting for the consequences of the impact of hurricane "Florence"

S&P 500 and Dow Jones + 0.03% of NASDAQ – 0,05%

Forex Traders, more international bidders, pragmatic played on the strengthening of the dollar against other major currencies after the release of strong economic indicators are:

the August industrial production: +0.4% forecast 0.3% consumer sentiment Index (University of Michigan): when expectations 100,8 96,7

according to the economic indicators of prices in import and export, the dynamics of growth in August were worse than expected and pointed to deflation, the topic of increased fees does not affect the U.S. economy.

the US President, voiced the position on trade talks with China

this is Why Donald trump has declared that has decided to delay trade negotiations with China, before reaching the limit of taxation of imports from that country to $ 267 billion already next week, at a rate of +10%.

the Eurozone DAX + 0,57% CAC40 + 0,47% FTSE100 + 0,31

Investors in the Eurozone managed to keep the trend of growth until the end of the session, playing "old news" from the United States on the revitalization of trade talks and the opening of China's securities market for the Europeans. Before the shares could be bought only by foreigners, registered and residing in the country.

the Power of positivity allowed to ignore the bad stats – decrease in trade balance EU up to 17.5 In August and the low dynamics of inflation in Italy is 0.4% instead of expected 0.5%.

These factors taken into account in the trades the Forex traders who arranged the sale of the Euro after setting a new high, almost "after" 100 points "gains Thursday."

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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