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Nobel laureate Andrei Geim: science is not a sprint it's a marathon for life

News Universiteta ITMO 19.09.2018 at 08:51

News Universiteta ITMO

In 2010, Andre Geim became the laureate of the Nobel prize in physics for the discovery of graphene. Since then, the wonder material — it is the name assigned to the graphene in English literature — has become a really hot topic. Today the research group of Geim at Manchester University continues the study of two-dimensional materials and making new discoveries. Recent results and perspectives of studies of 2D heterostructures scientist presented at the conference MATENANO-2018 in Sochi. And in an interview with news portal of the ITMO University ITMO.NEWS and corporate journal of MIPT "For science", he talked about how why not a lifetime to engage in the same research area that motivates young scientists to go into fundamental science and why researchers need to learn as much as possible is available to present the results of their work.