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4 steps to making the right decision

Orlan 17.09.2018 at 08:54


Often we do not think about what we are doing.

new year's resolutions in 88% of cases are not met. More than 62 thousand people want to get rid of tattoos on your body. Wrong decisions in business are taken as often as deliberate. Based on the book "Trap of thinking" we have described a method of Benjamin Franklin and added to it the 4 steps to the right solution.

the Method of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin in a letter to a friend he told about his approach to making decisions.

what is its essence?

the Sheet of paper should be divided into two halves. In one column write down all the pros of the selected solution, the second cons.

for 3-4 days to get back to the list and complement it with new arguments.

When all the arguments will be before my eyes, it is necessary to assess their significance.

If in both columns there are two approximately equally important argument was the need to delete both. If one plus is equal to two cons, then delete all three paragraphs. You continue to compare until you see where the balance is shifted.

However, such a method has significant drawbacks.

Often we make hasty conclusions, because it gives too much attention to the facts which lie on the surface. Focus on the things that highlights our "spotlight of attention". When they are in a tiny spot of light, overlook the limitless possibilities of the beyond.

to make the right decision, it is sufficient to move the spotlight and to look at the situation from different angles.

1 step. Extend the scope of

When looking for a way out of the problem, we ask ourselves the question: "to Do this OR that?". We put the solution in a very narrow frame and unnecessarily limit the options of choice.

Extend the scope and reframe the question: "What can I do to get both?".

If you appreciate the work of the employee, ask the question: "to Fire me?". We cover only one alternative at the expense of others. It is much better to ask: "What can I do to correct his behavior?", "How can I help him be more productive?", "In any task he might be more successful?".

When you are stuck in a toxic personal relationship, ask yourself the question: "Should I stop them?" Instead of asking yourself, "What would make our relationship better?".

very narrow limits compel us to miss out on all the possible options.

Look at the problem from the point of view "And, not OR".

2 step. See impartially

while searching for solutions, we find most desirable. It is not always correct, but we like it. Almost unconsciously tempted to adjust the pros and cons in his favor.

This bias is insidious that looks quite scientific. We collect data from different sources, but do not notice that we see the situation only from the best side.

a Young man who dreams of opening your own business will prefer to read articles with titles "Open a successful startup is easy and simple," articles instead of "start — detrimental decision."

We used first to quickly get an idea of the situation, and then look for information that confirms our view.

Look at problems from different points of view. Put on the mask of lawyer and then the mask of the judge. Take a look at the situation impartially.

3 step. Disabled emotions

What would be a proper and beautiful table with verified pros and cons in my head all the way. Our opinion fluctuates under the influence of emotions.

When we make the decision, our feelings are bubbling. We constantly scrolling the same arguments, and they generate certain emotions. Because of their thoughts raised so much dust that you could not see the road ahead.

emotionless Ask yourself the question: "What would you do in my place the other person?".

In 1985, the company Intel, the business which was based on the creation of memory chips, has some serious competition. This has jeopardized the company advantage in the market. Before President Andrew grove had a question about the further development in the fierce competition.

And only the question, "What would my successor?" helped to make a difficult but the right decision. The company ceased production of memory and focused on the development of another direction.

This conclusion was not easy and many colleagues were opposed. As a result, the company has taken a leading position in the microprocessor market.

Sometimes the decision-making process paralyzed, but only an attempt to distance themselves, and take a step back, let's shake off the stupor and make a choice.

4 step. Doubt

People rely too much on their knowledge. We always know for sure how things will turn out in the future, but we forget that the future has an uncanny ability to surprise.

When you imagine the future, then directed his spotlight on the information in front of us, and then do not always true conclusions.

on 1 January 1962, a major British record label Decca refused to work with "The Beatles". Arguing that "groups are no longer popular, especially with the guitar from four, their time has passed". Hunters talents Decca couldn't even imagine what a runaway hit waiting for the Fab four in just a few years.

the Problem is that we don't know what we don't know. Don't be presumptuous.

Illuminate your inner "spotlight of attention" to those areas, the existence of which do not even know.

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