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Figure of the day: How much have you paid Google for the found vulnerabilities in Android? 21.09.2018 at 14:06

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Figure of the day:

3 000 000

dollars paid by Google for any vulnerabilities found in Android.

Google announced that the amount of bonuses paid to enthusiasts, hackers and security professionals paid under the Android Security Rewards program has already exceeded 3 million dollars.

the Program was launched three years ago and all the developers have received more than 470 reports about vulnerabilities. The maximum award is received, Guang Gong (Guang Gong) is 105 thousand dollars. He found two vulnerabilities in smartphones Pixel.

Also Google has a similar program Google Play Security Rewards. It has existed since October of 2017 and while the payoff is much more modest. Just was informed about the 30 vulnerabilities and the payout has exceeded 100 thousand dollars.