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September 23, 1846 German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovered Neptune. However, this opening cannot be considered independent. Halle has not conducted his own studies, he received a letter from Urbana French astronomer Le Verrier, who observed perturbations of Uranus and calculated the approximate area of the planet that can serve their cause. In the French Observatory of hypotheses and calculations of Le Verrier did not believe, so he was forced to appeal to his colleague from Berlin.


a Study of Uranium and the search for new planets were not in the program of the Berlin Observatory, but its leader, I. F. Enke allowed Galle to check the calculations of Le Verrier. The evening of the same day a scientist found an object fitting the description, and two days later were able to confirm that this object is a planet. The observations were used achromatic refractor, made by Joseph Fraunhofer.

on 23 September 1997 was launched the search engine Yandex. The premiere took place at the Softool exhibition in Moscow, and to demonstrate the company had to index the entire Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Then it consisted of about 5 thousand sites that was posted about 4 gigabytes of text. Visitors to the exhibition were able to find anything on the demo machine and get the result. It is worth noting that Yandex already took into account the morphology of Russian language and was able to rank documents.

the Interface of the first version Yandex

the word Itself came up with Yandex, Ilya Segalovich and Arkady Volozh, by searching words, which would reflect its essence. The word Yandex is short for "yet another indexer" ("yet another indexer"), in which the first letter was replaced with the Russian "I" kept the original sound. And the first search engine was created by Lebedev Studio, which is engaged in design projects of Yandex on this day.

23 Sep 2002, Mozilla released its debut release, Phoenix 0.1. The first release was not very popular, however, the rapid and qualitative development of the project allowed him to become one of the most popular browsers in the world. Phoenix is Firefox. The original name had to change because of a conflict with Phoenix Technologies.

Interface Mozilla Firefox under Linux

during the last four years of market dollars Firefox is declining, but it remains the third (after Internet Explorer and Chrome) popular browsers in the world