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Paper comics. "Batman" Tom king, "I'm suicidal" The article 17.09.2018 at 06:56

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We All know that Batman has a certain, so to say, hanky-panky with a Female Cat, but the stories about it, so to speak, we issued offensively dosed. And now, finally: the story of their true love, including the description of one truly amazing night!..

But before that - traditional rollicking action. Agreeing on a mission, Amanda Waller, Batman looks to Arkham, and is gaining there "special team for a special mission": Arnold Wesker - the Ventriloquist, Ben Turner, Bronze Tiger, lovers Julie and punch, Selina Kyle - Catwoman. Together they go to the island-fortress of Bane - a sovereign government of Santa Prisca to fight not only by Bane, but with the whole army of his loyal minions.

a fragment of the reversal of the graphic novel "Batman. Book 2: I - the suicide" Bain. He has something... that I need. And I'll take that. For this I will violate all the laws which have. Use anyone. Will do everything possible and impossible. I'm not going to stop.

of Course, further accompanied by a clever plan, the furious carnage, and superenergy installation (up to seventeen images on one turn!). But not only!

Turn the graphic novel "Batman. Book 2: I - the suicide"

Already here - a kind of counterpoint, the readers are immersed in the correspondence of two lonely hearts. First, Selina tells Bruce about his childhood in the orphanage, then he confesses to her in an attempt youth suicide. And both remember the rare, unfortunately, the moments of intimacy:

However, in some ways - very importantly - we do not like. Therefore, our kisses never last long. Only a brief moment. Our kisses muffled the pain. Because at the moment we share the death of each other. And for a moment in our death we are not alone.

Turn the graphic novel "Batman. Book 2: I - the suicide"

a Caveat of this period in their relationship that Catwoman, it turns out, is accused of killing 237 people and has been waiting for death by injection. Being impeccable moral authority, always standing on guard of Law and Justice, Batman, of course, obliged to put my feelings aside to catch the criminal and to plant.

You, the Cat, killed 237 people. I'm catching up to you.

- I Mouse, killed 237 people. And I have to run. {...} You know what I would do. I'll be executed. If you do that. If you put me.

- 237 corpses. What else am I supposed to do? {...} What can I do, Cat?

the Fragment bands of the graphic novel "Batman. Book 2: I - the suicide"

... But the heart wants what it wants. And soon after traveling to Santa Prisca beauty manages to steal the tough warrior had not fleeting, but a full kiss gradually turning into something more...

We have to stop. Even if only for a moment. Forget about your responsibilities, about your debt. And maybe... maybe... for once... Do what you want.

And now, just for the sake of this volume, under not the most successful - moreover, deceptive and escapist from the main topic! - the title in no way should not be missed fans of the "DC Universe". Batman as a romantic hero! when and where else can you see?!.

- I love you, Mouse.

- I love you Cat.

the Fragment bands of the graphic novel "Batman. Book 2: I - the suicide"

However, there is another interesting point: here, albeit fleeting, but the twenty - (and this is in addition to the above - !) assorted villains. In one case we see a few, until Batman walks past archinski cameras: Kitman, Mayo, two Tweed, day, DOE.

In the second when he agrees to show the Cat his "ordinary night", which (of course) is not so common: even when Gotham city was simultaneously hit by so much adversity?!. Forty, the Signalman, the Gorilla Boss, Desyatiletii, Wolfman, the Copperhead, the Amygdala, the King Snake, the King of spices, Knight, the Zebra Man, Sinopsi, the Mad Monk, Kitman again (managed to escape, apparently)!..

a fragment of the reversal of the graphic novel "Batman. Book 2: I - the suicide"

But I must say, today the Dark Knight all are lighter than usual with so-and-so handy - so down the drain go all the carefully laid plans of Watch of the King:

you See, dear Batman, now time itself is working against you. Day after day I was preparing for this meeting. As much as forty years. And all the next seconds, minutes, hours completely under my control. I calculated and provided every step of the way. For every action that you do is ready a retaliatory move. Every step brings you closer to death.

And then he Cat - again! the back jumped! and a fist in the face!.. Well, how was it provided?..

One of the covers of the graphic novel "Batman. Book 2: I - the suicide"

Important here, of course, not so much these seconds, for the frame appearance, how much biographical information of the characters, increasing significantly impoverished in the last time final part with the notes.

So in General, it is necessary once again to mention: the history of Batman come we have more and more interesting!

the Cover of the graphic novel "Batman. Book 2: I - the suicide"

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