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Hi-Tech / Internet

HTML and CSS, level 1


registration is Open for the course "HTML and CSS level 1" which will be held from 12 November to 23 January.

It will be held in a new format: the duration is now nine weeks. First five weeks students are waiting for the lectures and work on a personal project under the guidance of a mentor. A mentor is an experienced professional who will test practical tasks, answer questions, help with layout and share secrets. Following four weeks of practice, students independently complete the project and prepare it for final protection. Students will have to impose one of the four on the choice of layout using the actual tools and standards. This format allows beginners to finish the course in a comfortable pace and to spend more time on independent work.

After training, you will be able to:

to Solve typical tasks of the designer. Use professional tools. Start a career with the first project in the portfolio.

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