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The updated balance module — September 25, 2018

StarCraft® II 25.09.2018 at 17:00

Earlier this month we mentioned that they are working on an update with design changes, which will be released after BlizzCon and should improve multiplayer in StarCraft II. Around the same time team members are involved in balance, were in Montreal to get feedback from the best players in the World Championship Series Circuit. After analyzing the feedback from the community and professional players, we decided to add new items to the original list of changes to the balance. Details on.

the Protoss shields Battery Health/shields reduced from 200/200 to 150/150 units.

the Last few months we have watched closely as strategies using batteries of shields nearby enemy buildings. We are not shown that such strategies have nothing to oppose, but we still decided to make them a little more risky. The decrease in the overall health of the battery shields will make them less effective in attack, but their defensive quality they maintain. As a result, their destruction will need 5 strikes "Caustic bile" instead of 7, and players will be easier for the Zerg to counter this strategy.

the warp prism Range selection reduced from 6 to 5.

In Legacy of the Void warp prisms had the opportunity to pick up units from a distance, and in General we like what happened. Best players for the Protoss is allowed to use their micro skills and get new opportunities for attack.

But we feel the need to make a change that will help the players for the Zerg to counter early strategies with warp prisms/archons. Now the total range of selection of prisms, and archons is 9, which is higher than the attack range of the Queen against air targets at 1. We want to reduce the range of selection to 1 so that the Queen is better able to resist the strategies of warp prisms.

it seems to Us that this will allow players for the Zerg more options early in the game. But we also understand that at the present time for the Protoss players seriously rely on tactics with warp prisms, so for this change we will be watching particularly closely.

the Void ray speed Reduction when "Migration lens" reduced from 40% to 25%.

In Legacy of the Void we have added the speed reduction when "Migration lens" that the enemy was not so difficult to deal with Void rays. We like the effect of this change, but we think that the speed reduction can slightly reduce or lose the effect.

Zerg Queen "Transfusion" will not instantly restore 125 health: now it instantly restores 75 health points and then another 50 units in a period of 7.14 seconds.

At the early stages of the game for the Zerg Queen just needed to counter small threats and attacks on the forehead. The spread of mucus and the ability to enter the larvae are also very useful. It seems to us that the Queen too generic, so we want to weaken one of its roles.

this change intermittent treatment no longer will be added that will reduce the effectiveness of subsequent "Transfusions" if they are used for the treatment of combat units with lots of health (for example, other Queens). We want this change prompted the players to create combat units in the event of serious danger, but at the same time not interfere with the Queen to deal with minor threats. Now this will reduce the power of the Queen in the end game, lowering the efficiency of the fast "Transfusions" in respect of such units, like ultralisks and the owners of the pack.

the Mucus Production of mucus from the construction/tumor: time between the production of mucus is increased from 0.3 to 0.45 seconds. Mucus production supervisor: time between the production of mucus is increased from 0.36 to 0.45 sec.

Heart of the Swarm to Legacy of the Void time of the production of mucus decreased two times (from 0.6 to 0.3 sec.) that was done because of changes in that period. Although in practice, the slime began to spread twice as fast, the change definitely affected the players for the Zerg and increased their ability to control the map. After the players for the Zerg significantly honed your skills, we began to get feedback about what the slime might spread too fast, and as a result in the mid or late game Zerg control large areas of the map.

a little to fix it, we want to experiment with the propagation velocity of mucus. First, we set the speed, which is intermediate between the current and the speed in Heart of the Swarm. As the distribution of mucus is a Central element in the game for Zerg, we will closely monitor the effects.

the Cockroach, the Cost of "Claws-tunneling" reduced from 150/150 to 100/100. "Tunneling claws" will no longer increase health regeneration burrowed roaches from 7 to 14 sec.

matches the Zerg with the Zerg players often use "tunneling Claws" for fast attacks on mineral deposits. We like that this ability allows the Zerg to attack, and suddenly turn the situation to their advantage, but many players for the Zerg think she's too good. The fact that the improvement of the "tunneling Claws" allows the roaches to quickly restore health, and protect them from attack may need two times more cockroaches.

In battles with other races "tunneling Claws" are much rarer, and if used, not because of the increased recovery of health, but because movement in a buried condition. These changes should reduce the threat posed by cockroaches in matches Zerg with the Zerg, and to improve their performance in other matches.

the Hydralisk Health increased from 85 to 90 units of Bone needles: time between attacks increased from 0.54 to 0.57 sec.

Players from Montreal, regardless of the preferred hand, believe that hydralisks should lower the attack speed, not to reduce the amount of health. The result hydralisks will not be as dangerous in big armies. They will be less versatile, but still will be able to effectively fight with such units like oracles. The high rate of health will also allow hydralisks better confront dangerous threats like "Psionic storm".

real football tournament unit Radius reduced from 0.75 to 0.625. Radius burrowed units now equal to the new radius of the normal units. The scale model is reduced from 0.85 to 0.75. Buried zarazitel now can move through units. Now fighting units under the influence of "Athlete's foot" can't use "Jump", "Tactical jump" and go in a transport/building.

We have received a lot of feedback that zarazitel unwieldy, so I decided to make several changes that will enhance them. We would also like to make fungal growth more useful: to do this, we will restore some of its old features that block certain abilities of movement.

the nydus Network Cost of the nydus network is reduced from 200/250 to 150/150.

Many players believe that we are moving in the right direction with the new nydus network, but note that its initial cost somewhat high, but a full-scale offensive with nydus is a lot weaker, as now the worm can be wound when it is in the tunnel. In this update we tested the modified "Transfusion" of the Queen, so I want to see how we can reduce the cost of the nydus network. This is one of the experimental changes we want to test, so we will very carefully monitor the way in which it will show itself.

All of these changes will appear soon in the queue for testing. As always, we remind you that these changes are not final, and we want to know what you think of them. Thank you for testing the new changes, looking forward to your feedback on the forums and any community sites!