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Webinar on 25 September at 13: 00

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 21.09.2018 at 22:12

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

For the webinar "I'm in shock! Just half an hour the aura has changed!" invite September 25, Tuesday, at 13: 00.

We will tell you and show you how you can see the results of the interaction with anomodontia in a short time.

In the 21 years of the club we have accumulated invaluable research material that is freely available on our sites. Hope you sometimes look down there.

But don't worry, the webinar we will not you to upload this information. We'll just talk about comparative results BEFORE and AFTER human interaction unimodularly lab Infotech in a very short time.

And demonstrate the results obtained with the help of not one diagnostic system, but several!

You understand that if some of the complexes show the same trends, that means only one thing - these trends are TRUE! :fw:

In fact, over the years we have used quite a number of different diagnostics, but something is just lost.

however, we have something to show you.

So come yourself and bring all your "FOM the unbelievers." Let them be convinced, too in the health of our amazing devices - unimodular Lab Infotech. bm:

the Most interesting that any man, even one that is not going to acquire unimodularity may come to the office of the club and undertake such COMPARATIVE testing in one of our diagnostic centers.

the TECHNICAL aspects!

This webinar will be conducted through Hangout (YouTube unblocker).

me Remind you that we have a special webinaria room, where the embedded video and chat comments.

We invite you to look through the room and to write in this chat.

In our chat, you can sign up through any social network, Google+ and more. It is also possible to register as ANONYMOUS through any, though invented on the go email address.

This is useful for those who are not registered in any social networks, or who do not want to friends have seen their hangouts.

For us, this form of webinar is convenient because everything is in one place - videos, and comments.

But if you have suddenly problems with registration in the chat, you can go to the YouTube channel (click the YouTube icon in the lower right corner of the video) and watch the webinar there. And even to write there comments. I'll just have to look in two browser Windows, but that's okay, I'm used to ))))

the Link to our room is still the same - .

Come 10-15 minutes early to check things out and to connect to the chat.

the Attention of those who will be logged in the chat through Facebook.

To ensure that your comments are not displayed on the page in your account of VK, it is necessary to REMOVE a TICK, which is located under the field for comment (in the chat on the webinar page) to the left of the word COMMENT or SEND (don't remember exactly what the word is there, but it doesn't matter). Remove this checkmark, and no one will know where you are and what you do )))

For me very important feedback. Then I realize that are not talking to their computer, and with the people concerned. So please respond to my calls and questions. Don't be greedy! Share your energy! I'm not a vampire but to me your activity motivate :-D

In the chat has a delay element 20 to 30 seconds, so I can not immediately reply. Here, too, you need patience.

If suddenly during the broadcast disappear video or sound, it is necessary:

or just reload the browser page (this is the first thing to do), or wait until the video is displayed (if a reboot did not help - maybe the leading problem with Internet or with technology). So, see you on Tuesday at 13: 00.

This time chosen to conveniently Siberians and inhabitants of the Far East, and they are always in the "deprived" because they have to listen to webinars almost until five in the morning.

the entrance to the room - .