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How to treat "Acne" in children 25.09.2018 at 22:00

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Acne is the most common skin disease of adolescence. Types of acne also occur in infants and in early childhood. Acne in the newborn are registered, approximately 20% of children. The disease is present either at birth or develops in the first weeks of life. In most cases the disease is mild, and the disease is spontaneous.

What is the

Baby acne is an extremely unpleasant disease for any parent. And if a young mother says acne on the skin of your child, it is a worthy cause for concern, since all parents want their children to be healthy.

Before you start treating acne in a child, you first need to determine what you are experiencing. It may be allergies and some sort of rash. In such a situation it is best to consult a pediatrician.

How to cure You need to know how to get rid of this to avoid erroneous actions!

in the treatment of "Acne" be careful! Attention! You should not squeeze pimples. Healing will not go any faster, and may occur in the reverse: an open wound can get infected and start inflammation. In addition, where you will be to press pimples can get scars and blemishes. "Acne" in children

generally, acne goes away on its own, when all the maternal hormones are completely removed from the body of the baby, and the hormonal system of the baby begins to work as it is. The recovery process lasts from one to several months. And there will be marks on the skin if you do not press the pimples.

Newborns can suffer from any allergies, if the mother is breastfeeding, eats the wrong foods. This period is very important in a child's life, and it is necessary to follow a certain diet and avoid food which can cause allergies. For example, a mother may consider her normal or even favorite foods as safe for the baby but for the baby it can cause allergies. To put the list of allowed and healthy food on the fridge and try to follow it is good. The mother should avoid smoked foods, sweets, large quantities of food, which contains too much fat. You have to give new foods to the child carefully, and initially use only a small portion.

it is Also very important to pay attention to the soap that is used for baby bath and means for washing children's clothing. Perhaps some of the ingredients contain undesirable components for the child, which can lead to allergies.

"Acne" in children. Symptoms

Allergy is a skin rash that appears on the face or from the side in contact with the substance that causes the rash. If this happens, the doctor can diagnose the Allergy, he has to prescribe treatment, and parents should strictly follow it. Acne in newborns goes away with time. The symptom of acne are the spots on the face and scalp similar to acne that appears in adolescence. Sometimes the spots may appear on other parts of the body such as the neck, ears or back. Often, when parents notice acne on the skin of your child, they usually believe that the cause of acne is poor child care and unhygienic conditions. But in fact, all these problems arise as a result of the sebaceous glands.

the Treatment of "Acne" in infants

Usually acne in newborns do not require special treatment, as he usually passes by itself in two to four weeks after birth. However, some parents listen to family or friends and rely on their opinion . As a result, parents begin to treat acne thousands acne meds. The only thing to do in this situation is to lubricate the affected skin every three to four day depanthenol or zinc ointment. These medications will not cure the rash, but a little will dry it. To prevent any skin problems in the future, make sure that your child's skin dry and clean.