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What is the feature of oil-perfume

Travel portal 27.09.2018 at 11:20

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To Choose a perfume for all women it is always a pleasure and interesting.

Despite this, to approach this issue requires special attention and care. The most important thing in choosing a perfume is that the perfume was a perfect match to its owner. Because by spirits. You can always guess the style, character and individuality of the person. The choice of perfume, you should consider some parameters, which are long-term durability and a pleasant aroma. A good option that will be Arabian perfumes that do not have alcohol base and are made of oil-based.

the Aroma of these spirits is distributed evenly and does not cause disgust from the smell of their. These spirits were made from ancient times when art was born of their creation. According to historians, these spirits first appeared in Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient India, Ancient Egypt and Persia. While such substances could produce only the priests, as such work was considered mysterious and demanded the intricacies of their creation.

what is the feature of oil of spirits

the Main feature of these perfumes is no alcohol base. Due to this, oil perfume many times and naturally possess a high degree of durability. As a rule, they contain:

* various spices;

* extracts of plants;

* the organic, aldehyde and chemical compounds.

If you compare alcohol-based perfumes that are instantly absorbed into the skin, perfume oil when applied on skin form a film, which contains an emulsifier, mainly jojoba oil, aromatic ingredients and fragrant locks. Due to the formation of such a film, oil perfume can keep long time, which contributes to the slow penetration of the oil into the skin.

Today such perfumes made Arab Emirates, Syria, Egypt and India. Natural perfumes are made in bottles with the original design, which can be attributed to this work of art. Due to enhanced concentrations of such perfumes should be applied in minimum dose. The smell of the fragrance is revealed only when the human movement. Do not apply more perfume. One drop will be enough to smell sweet all day.

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