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Dubai tourist attractions

Travel portal 27.09.2018 at 11:20

Travel News

Watching the development of Dubai, it is hard to imagine that in the not too distant past, this multi-modern city was a coastal village of the Bedouins.

Now is a unique oasis in the desert. Dubai — a permanent landmark that combines history with modernity, tradition with innovation. Undoubtedly, many tourists go to Dubai for vacation, but in the centre of the cosmopolitan city they know that this will get a lot of positive emotions. This is the famous running of camels, dancing and a lot of water, as well as the highest skyscrapers and mountains of gold on the shelves of colourful markets and palm Islands, duty free shops and seductive, charming and spicy aroma and taste Arabic dishes. More attractions in this city of Emirates can be found on the website

Naprimer about the singing fountain in Dubai is known throughout the world. Tourists say that if you haven't seen this show — it means that you have not visited Emirates. Every night, starting at 18.00, next to the Burj Khalifa, within three hours of dancing goes on water, or rather, as much as 83 tons of water, creating a separate complex musical forms in the form of flowers, spirals and other shapes, with a height of 50-storey building. The design surpassed all world records in power and height. They say that the world is not the more expensive fountains. How can you not see such a miracle during a trip to UAE?

the Skyscraper in Dubai (Burj Khalifa), the tallest building on earth. But it's not only his record title. The tower also has the fastest elevators in the world, the world's highest mosque and the highest number of floors in the world. The record among the Champions. How can there not to go? Allow yourself to enjoy the panorama from the observation deck on the 124th floor (where the Elevator will take you just a minute).

This is a sight you will remember for a lifetime. And if you want to settle in the tower and this opportunity is available here, because on several lower floors there are cozy hotel "Armani". The world famous palm island in Dubai is an artificial construction on the coast in the form of three palm trees, framed by sand and rocks. Here live millionaires. The mainland and Islands connected by monorail, and the airship also works here regularly. They say that you can see them from space. Experienced hikers recommend to look at them from above.

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