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Two tickets — two seats

Zadolba!whether 23.09.2018 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I am a mother of five children, who every morning has to get to kindergarten by public transport. And answer all at once zadolbali me the passengers. No, I'm not going to sit down and take his son in his arms to free up more space.

early September, skyrocketed the number of people in transport. And if in August you could quite happily walk around the cabin, one fine Monday, the situation changed dramatically: now it is not something that the Board, sometimes even to get into the bus impossible.

In this stampede the son sitting on my lap, is in danger. When (not if, when) the driver will brake sharply, standing passenger will lose balance and could fall on my child. From 50 to 150 pounds can suddenly fail on a small (!) person. I don't have time to react, the maximum will raise their hands — but they are not the fact that will withstand the falling passenger.

this is why the son sits on the seat, and I'm standing there and standing by him, she hold tight with both hands and in the case when somebody starts to fall, I will be physically ready. Without any problems will take his son in his arms, if we miss out on a place near the window — here the falling man will not get. But no, usually the owner himself strongly objected to change. And I object to sit in the aisle with the baby in her arms.

it's been a week of September, but I have three times expressed, that I'm selfish and needs to make room for the one person who because my son didn't fit in the transport. I can say only one thing: although the son is still small (up to 7 years travel free of charge) and in August I very happily would pay for himself, with the onset of September, I pay for two seats and occupy the two seats. You don't require the couples to the young man touched the girl.

That's my son leave him alone.

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