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Card-cannibals themes of the day 25.09.2018 at 21:06

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Card installments already changed the POS-crediting market in the future two to three years can kannibalisierung other credit products. That's the conclusion reached by the participants of the round table "Card installment: alternative or new market?".

"This shifting from one basket to another"

In August there was a sharp increase in the issuance of credit cards, and this is due to the fact that the big players began to replace the usual POS credit card installments, Executive Director, head of Department of development of Bank products of Bank "Renaissance Credit" Dmitry Kurganov.

"with regard to the POS-lending, the issuers substitute one tool by another. Instead of the usual POS-credits began to make these installments. This led to the fact that in August dramatically increased the issuance of credit cards, but the market has not changed, how much we gave out cards, so many issue, just change the tool issue. This shifting from one basket to another," — says Barrows. He said that "Renaissance Credit" is now testing the map installment in Saint Petersburg. "For us this new direction, the project is in the testing stage. What happens — let's see," he said.

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Dmitry Kurganov also noted that he does not consider map installment new product for the market. "It's a brilliant marketing ploy: to take to change the scheme of calculation of payment and to convince customers that this new product. In my understanding, this is the same credit card, with a slightly different scheme of calculation of payment. "Otel" this new credit category market share from credit cards? I'd say no, it just complements the existing options credit cards," — said the representative of "Renaissance Credit".

home Credit Bank has traditionally been focused on the market of POS-lending, and now successfully provides maps of installments, told the Director of Department of card products of home Credit Bank Mikhail Zhigunov. "The focus has always been on the POS loans. Prior to the creation of maps of installments we had a good credit card. But now we give ten times more cards installment than regular credit cards. August turnover in the cards installment we have made about 2 billion rubles. Moreover, credit card installment, nothing taken away" — he said. "We can say that thanks to the cards of the installment of POS becomes available in new forms: clothes, shoes, small electronics, sports and children's goods. In fact, this new POS-ligt," said Zhigunov. The average check at the POS lending is 30 thousand credit card — 5-8 million, according to the map of the installments of 15-16 thousand rubles. "When the cards installment will take a significant share of the market of credit cards — 15-20%, — then it will be possible to assess their impact. But for this it is necessary that a greater number of banks offer this product," he said.

"Is the place where the employee costs, but there could be an extra showcase"

Alfa-Bank launched card installments, previously studied, do not pose a risk to consumer lending. "Before you run the map installments, we analyzed whether it is necessary for us and is there a danger of cannibalization. Studying customer behavior has allowed us to make a decision on such maps. We saw that a significant portion of customers from year to year takes the same loan to make the purchase. Actually, these people are the recipients of the cards," — said the Director of partners in retail business of Alfa-Bank Daniel Podkolodny. "The goal was to also use this card to give the opportunity to buy goods in instalments where there is no place for the issuance of POS-loans", — he added.

the Existing card installment is not intended for large purchases, said the Director of the telecommunications and financial services the combined company "Coherent|Euronetwork" Anton Pavlov. "We don't see a large portion of sales on the cards installments. This is easily explained, because the segment of mobile retail has a fairly high average check, and most of the customers prefer to take credit for a long period of 18-24 months. According to the existing products of such a term does not exist. POS there are more than ten years and developed enough, the card installments are not able to block POS-credit", — he stated his opinion.


the Main managing Director of Sovcombank Andrey Spivakov drew attention to the fact that the POS-lending is quite inconvenient from the point of view of the organization process. "This is the place where the employee costs, but there could be an extra showcase. This is the time required for registration, 20-30 minutes. And this time, our precious customer. I never lose hope that in a few years you will start to cooperate with us," he said.

Spivakov believes that through two-three years card installments will be replacing the POS loans. "Under threat, first and foremost, the POS-crediting market as it is very uncomfortable going to the store each time separately to get a loan", — he explained his prediction.

Card installment has changed a lot since its release to the market and now represent a kind of hybrid, said sales Director of card installment "Conscience" (Kiwi Bank) and Dmitry Sokolov.

"For the past two years, the product has changed, now it's card installment plan, which has a large number of different options. The model that we consider is the analog of the online game. Customers have the opportunity to get a card with the basic functions and shop in the network of partners. But to expand the audience, we offered the client, if he has a need to withdraw cash or use the card outside of the partner network or to extend the term of the installment. This is a new level for cards installment we're trying to develop," — said Sokolov. Other participants of the market, he jokingly advised not to get involved in such projects: "It is expensive, troublesome, so do not climb".