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The first aircraft with a steam engine 28.09.2018 at 21:05

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29 September 1842 inventor William Henson has published a draft of an airplane with a steam engine. A patent application for this invention, he registered back in March of the same year. Unfortunately, information on the construction of the first in aviation history model airplane remained very small. The project was called "Aerial steam carriage" and according to plan, the aircraft was one wing with the area of 3.7 sq. m., covered with silk. As an energy source is made by a single-cylinder machine, the weight of which together with the boiler, fuel and water accounted for only 2.7 kg. unfortunately, the successful flight of this design was not the model was immediately dropped after leaving the launch ramp. To 1845 Henson with the mechanic Stringfellow was able to build a new glider with a wingspan of 6.1 m high and weighs about 12 kg. But the first successfully flew the model did all the same, John Stringfellow, but already in 1848. And only 50 years later another scientist, Clement Ader, was built the plane, which took off without overclocking the ramp. Before the invention of airplanes with steam engines, scientists tried to harness the power of the muscles, but quickly abandoned the idea. Many of the major scientists even denied the possibility of creating an aircraft heavier than air.

the Aircraft of William Hanson

29 Sep 1984, connected together the two parts of the Baikal-Amur mainline. In the village of Kuanda was found in Western and Eastern team of builders, with the final, "Golden" link BAM. This is one of the largest railroads in the world. The main route between Taishet and Sovetskaya Gavan was built intermittently from 1938 to 1984. The Central part of the road in difficult geological and climatic conditions did more than 12 years, and the most difficult part was put into operation only in 2003. This piece of road was Severomuyskiy tunnel, which pierces through the eponymous mountain range, and its length is more than 15 kilometers. BAM is part of the Great Northern railway, a draft of which emerged in the early twentieth century. There was a need to link the industrial areas in the basin of the Pechora and the Ob sea port in Murmansk. Then the idea developed and the route was paved, and further to the South-East with the aim of developing new areas of Siberia. Currently, BAM is at the limit of its capacity. The volume of cargo traffic in 2014 is around 12 million tons, but now planned to upgrade the highway to increase the traffic to 50 million tons.

the Golden link BAM

on 29 September 2001, Apple released Mac OS X 10.1 Puma. It was the second major release of the operating system OS X, designed for both servers and end users. First and foremost, an operating system distributed free of charge to Apple employees after the press conference, and then it became available for Macintosh users from the Apple Store. For installation on PC needed 128 MB of RAM and 1.5 GB of hard disk space. Despite errors and a small number of features, this update was received by users is much more positive than 10.0, when many were outraged that OS 9 was better. In OS X 10.1 finally supports playback of DVD as well as burn CDs and DVDs directly from the Finder. In addition, since this version of the OS in OS X is AppleScript Studio, the interface for scripted programming, which allows you to create applications with a simple design. Version 10.1 was provided to users as a free update to version 10.0. And starting with version 10.1.2, which fixed bugs and added a few more functions, Apple has made OS X operating system by default on all new Mac computers.

OS X 10.1 Puma