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On September 30, 1968 the Boeing 747 was first shown to the public. In the process of designing a new aircraft, the company realized that none of the existing Assembly hangars is not suitable for its production because of insufficient size, so before production built a new factory in Everett, Washington.

the Boeing 747 of the Australian airline Quantas

In 1968, the aircraft was shown to a narrow audience, which included investors and representatives of the airlines, and its public premiere and the first flight took place five months later in February 1969. Almost 36 years 747 remained the largest, heaviest and roomy passenger airliner in the world, it has pressed only the Airbus A380, which was started in 2005. Boeing 747 in some versions actively maintained to this day by many airlines. Among them, the Australian Quantas, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong and Russian Transaero.

on September 30, 1980, the specification of the Ethernet standard was first officially published. The birth of the standard occurred much earlier – in 1973, Robert Metclafe made up a memo about the potential of Ethernet technology to the head of Xerox PARC. However, in the Xerox development of this standard do not matter, and he Metclafe, having the legal right to Ethernet, left the company and founded 3Com. Then he managed to persuade Intel, DEC, and even his former employer to work on a joint promotion of the standard.

the Ethernet cable is still widely used in the world

At the beginning of 1980 have Ethernet there were two competing standard – ARCNET and token ring. But due to widespread support from corporations, Ethernet pushed out of the market all competitors. Now Ethernet continues to evolve, and its the most common version provides data speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second. And in the long term it can reach 1 terabit per second. In 2008, Robert Metclafe said that this will be possible in 2015, however development is not as fast as I would like the Creator.

on September 30, 2012, Apple shut down iTunes Ping, which lasted 2 years. In 2010, Steve jobs really wanted to create a social network for music lovers that was as simple and intuitive as Twitter and also as popular as Facebook and Myspace. iTunes Ping was presented together with a major update of iTunes the first of September 2010.

iTunes Ping

Ping show information about purchases, any songs or albums of your friends. In addition, the system automatically create the charts, given the actions of people with similar tastes in music. It was also assumed that Ping would help in organizing joint trips for concerts. But despite the relatively large scope (Ping was launched in 23 countries), users did not appreciate the social network advantage, so Apple had to close it, leaving only the integration of iTunes with Facebook and Twitter. By the way, Ping has not been officially launched.