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A day without Bergman: "the Magic flute" (1975) The article 29.09.2018 at 17:07

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Our special project dedicated to the centenary of the great Ingmar Bergman, reached the thirty-fifth of his movies. And wow - that first picture of the master, which you can definitely watch with the kids!

the Magic flute (Trollflöjten), Sweden, 1975; dir. Ingmar Bergman starring: Joseph Kostlinger, Irma of Urrila, håkan Hagegard, Ulrik Kol'd, Birgit Nurdin, Ragnar Ulfung, Elisabeth Erikson, Britt-Marie, Arun, Kirsten Vaupel, Brigitte Smiling, Eric Sadin.

the Queen of the night asks Prince Tamino to rescue her daughter PAMINA kidnapped by a powerful sorcerer Sarastro. With honor to pass all tests to help the hero of the magic flute.

the scene from the Ingmar Bergman "Magic flute"

Bergman from his childhood love of Opera, Mozart's "the Magic flute" and for many years wanted to put it exactly as it deserves: with ease. The first attempt he made in 1968, including "hour of the wolf" Aria of Prince; after that he waited for the chance to move Opera on the screen in full.

the scene from the Ingmar Bergman "Magic flute"

a Frame from Ingmar Bergman's "the Magic flute"

Here, the Prince fights a dragon and sings surrounded by bears, bunnies and for some reason, the lion and the walrus. Ugly turns beauty, the boys are flying in a balloon. Day quickly turns to night, winter gives way to spring instantly. Wonderful bells make everyone dance. "Love is great and pure," the singing characters, offering the audience to join them using man-made "titles" for "karaoke".

the scene from the Ingmar Bergman "Magic flute"

a Frame from Ingmar Bergman's "the Magic flute"

And the audience - here they are: the Director watching their reactions from the audience, especially focusing on the face of one girl. She's definitely too early to watch previous tape Swedish genius, but fabulous Opera with wonderful music and great performers - a pleasant exception. It is finished: "the Magic flute" - the only film by Ingmar Bergman, certainly suitable for a children's session (even though penetrating the fabric of the narrative of suicidal motives).

the scene from the Ingmar Bergman "Magic flute"

a Frame from Ingmar Bergman's "the Magic flute"

the Director intentionally leaves the story of the Opera in the theatre the scenery, only occasionally quietly pushing their boundaries and allowing the camera to where the normal sight can't get even from the stalls. In the interval, for example, a young actor reads comics about Donald duck, ladies Smoking, Princess, it seems, plays the Prince in chess.

the scene from the Ingmar Bergman "Magic flute"

a Frame from Ingmar Bergman's "the Magic flute"

this duality rhymes with tell a story where at some point it happens a significant transformation of the "adult" characters: "evil sorcerer" is a noble sage, while the "grieving mother" - the insidious sinister. And actually it turns out Opera is not about the release from captivity, but about the confrontation of the darkness of ignorance about the struggle of light against the night. But any obstacles and challenges can be overcome, the main thing is to stick together and trust each other.

the scene from the Ingmar Bergman "Magic flute"

Children's dreams must be fulfilled; his thirty-fifth film Ingmar Bergman has shown that it is never too late to do something hands did not reach before.

the scene from the Ingmar Bergman "Magic flute"

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