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Go and get the filter kit as a gift!

Dear clients! 01-31 October 2018goda in the technical center of the company "Koreana" (MO, Krasnogorsk) special offer! With the passage of the T. O. you will receive: - a gift set of filters (air, oil, cabin). - 15% discount on remedial work identified during Troubleshooting. - 12% discount on parts required to fix identified in the diagnostic vehicle information. ATTENTION! The promotion is valid only on the a HUNDRED g. Krasnogorsk. The service costs 3000 RUB Oils and liquids in the cost of services are not included and are paid separately. During the T. O. used unoriginal (similar) filters are well-known manufacturers of auto parts. This offer is not an offer. Promotion is not combinable with the discount program of our company. The service is available by appointment. We are waiting for You in our technical centre. In the scope of work for T. O. include: 1. Replaced oil and engine oil filter. 2. Replace engine air filter. 3. Changing the filter of ventilation of salon. 4. Check outdoor lighting. 5. Check levels and condition: antifreeze, brake fluid, power power steering and automatic transmission (if necessary). 6. Check the engine compartment (hoses, pipes, drive belts). 7. Pressure check and tire wear. 8. Components front and rear suspensions. 9. Turbocharger (oil hoses). 10. Power steering components 11. The fastening components and assemblies to the bodywork and to the suspension 12. The vacuum pipes and hoses. 13. The engine cooling radiators, air conditioning 14. Fuel lines, hoses and connections 15. Drive shafts of the wheels, wheel bearings, CV joints. 16. Disc brakes, disks and pads 17. The tightness of the exhaust system 18. Pipes, hoses and connections brake system 19. Computer diagnostics of electronic systems 20. Battery — check with a print out of the results