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Western experts found from Russian plane of world war III

MComp 28.09.2018 at 13:21

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Armed fighters scared of foreign experts.

Information portal of the Daily Express has published an article in which journalists have linked the participation of Russian troops in the war in Syria update of the fifth generation fighter, the su-57. Western experts found reason to believe that Russia already has a plane ready to participate in the third world war, since the presence of hypersonic missiles that a fighter received during a recent update, making Russia's superiority in aerial combat. Advanced fighter equipped with missiles, model R-37M, the radius of which is more than 300 kilometers. During the final part of the flight the missile can move at a speed of six Mach. Advanced targeting system on the enemy aircraft and unprecedented speed make these missiles with weapons of new generation.

Western specialists have nothing to worry about improving Russian technology, as the engineers in Russia and worked on the "brain" R-37M, introducing each of the missiles active radar head, which takes on the function of homing on an enemy target that will allow you to impress even the most resourceful fighters of the enemy.

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