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In the United States issued the first sentence for jackpotting ATMs

MComp 28.09.2018 at 15:01

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The issue was not popular in the United States.

the Sentence was handed down by a Federal judge in Springfield on Wednesday against 22-year-old Argenis Rodriguez, who, along with accomplices hunted jackpotting in early 2018. Young people dressed in a robe of technicians and installed in the ATM Ploutus malware that makes ATMs literally "spitting" money, emptying them to the last bill. This is to control the operation of ATMs is possible via smartphone.

According to the court, Rodriguez will be imprisoned for 12 months and one day, in addition another 2 years the perpetrator will be monitored. He also is obliged to pay damages in the amount of $121,355. The verdict in the case of jackpotting ATM made in the USA for the first time. Before active for such an offence planted only in Europe and Asia.

Jackpotting (or direct dispensa) – install and use the ATM malware in order to seize control over the functions of the ATM and force him to give cash in full.

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