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The Abbot "the ugliest Church of Russia" decided not to sue Ilya Varlamov

Make Russia warm again! 01.10.2018 at 16:57

Make Russia warm again! -

The Abbot of Yakovlevskiy-Annunciation Church of Yaroslavl Alexey Kirillov decided not to try to attract Ilya Varlamov to responsibility for insulting religious feelings (article 148 of the criminal code) because of the post "the ugliest Church in Russia".

"the Abbot of the temple decided to forgive the situation, he will not sue. Complaints he filed. That's his position," — said the press Secretary of the Yaroslavl diocese Alexander] Stomski.

As reported TASS the assistant to the rector of the Church Michael Provokin, father Alexei had no comment on the situation to journalists. The Abbot had already deleted the entry about the intention to sue in court.


Dear friends! One of my records has caused many different comments, some of which, unfortunately, inadequate.

Now the publication is misused, posting there comments that are not related to the essence of the question. Alas, I have to remove it.

thank you All for expressing an opinion! If I offended anyone, please forgive me! I invite all of you to our beautiful Yakovlevskaya Church and our, life-filled, educational center. Write, meet in person! I will be glad to review after visiting our parish and personal communication!

the Abbot of Yakovlevskiy-Annunciation Church of Yaroslavl Alexey Kirillov

Varlamov actions of the priest has not commented on.

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