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Intestinal microflora in children. What you need to know 28.09.2018 at 09:30

Planning for pregnancy, birth, parenting and child development

The Birth of a child is a beautiful time in any woman's life. But it's also a big responsibility. Regardless of whether it's your first or tenth pregnancy, you want to be sure that you protect and care for your child at the appropriate level.

If you take into consideration all aspects of health, what you should think first is about the health of the intestinal microflora in your child. Since most of the child's immune system is in his gut, a healthy gut helps support the entire immune system. Furthermore, the intestinal microorganisms help the child to absorb nutrients, and also affect mood and cognitive function.

What can affect the quality of intestinal flora in the child

When your child becomes an adult, his gut bacteria will develop further. Unfortunately, such development is not always profitable. Sugar, processed foods, stress, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides, chlorinated drinking water and a diet high in starchy carbohydrates can lead to unhealthy gut flora.

Over time, imbalance of intestinal bacteria may disrupt the immune system of your child and even lead to food intolerances and infections. In addition, obesity, insulin sensitivity, diabetes, anxiety and depression are potential outcomes of imbalance of the intestine.

your gut Health during pregnancy has a huge impact on intestinal health of your child

while your child will have their unique flora of the intestine, your intestinal environment will also greatly influence intestinal health of your newborn baby. For this reason, it is very important that you have worked on the health of their microflora before and during pregnancy.

in this case, you can do:

Eat foods rich in prebiotics

Potatoes Carrots Asparagus

And other starchy vegetables that promote the growth and diversification of healthy bacteria.

Start to use as a food Supplement, probiotics

Before pregnancy, throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding, you should consume probiotic exceptionally high quality.

Reduce your consumption of alcohol, and better to completely refrain from it

unfortunately, alcohol is killing your intestinal bacteria. Therefore, take steps to reduce alcohol consumption to enable you to maintain the health of your intestinal microflora.

Healthy intestinal microflora and childbirth

If you will have the choice of caesarean or vaginal birth, vaginal select. Since the passage of the newborn through the birth canal will ensure your child's vaginal microbes, which will help him in his immune system. This method of birth make your baby less susceptible to such factors as asthma and allergies. Of course, sometimes for the safety of mother and baby required a C-section. So do what is best for you and your newborn.

the Maintenance of intestinal flora after birth

once your child is born, pay special attention to healthy gut flora. If possible, it is best to breastfeed because your breast milk contains the first dose of probiotics for your baby. If you for some reason can't breastfeed, choose a formula on the basis of sheep's or goat's milk, as they have more microbial diversity than cow's milk. Do not use a mixture based on soy, as they contain anti-nutrients that reduce mineral absorption.

No need to be afraid and to keep for a long time after the birth of her child indoors, away from the terrible outside world. Your child needs exposure to a variety of microbes from the external environment, so they can create a robust immune system. So feel free to walk in the fresh air!

For your child would be better if you will not be as long as possible to feed him a large amount of sugar or processed foods. These products destroy the microflora in the intestine of the child, in the same way as in an adult! Instead, try to stick to a varied diet, to ensure that a greater number of beneficial bacteria in the gut of the child.

And finally, the most important thing!

As possible, for as long as possible, avoid taking antibiotics. Because of the time they are able to hurt the whole immune system.