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Chinese scrap (Photos)

Travel portal 02.10.2018 at 15:25

Travel News

In China the air is so polluted that the environment resembles a nuclear winter. Most pollution is the most populous country gets from the exhaust. We can say that China is a huge junkyard, where they are trucks, motorcycles, cars that do not meet national standards.

currently, Beijing is twenty times greater than the permissible limits of concentration of pollutants.

These dumps are a storehouse of spare parts, such as the junkyard in the Chinese region Anhui.

the vehicle at the scrap yard in the province of Huan not give even an approximate calculation.

we have Previously reported on the Royal car Museum in Amman (Photos)

For some reason lined up in orderly rows discarded motorcycles and scooters in Hangzhou.

Sometimes the authorities organize the destruction of old cars, but it to create the appearance that they are actively struggling with environmental pollution.

in every life there are punctures, there are punctures and boats from PVC. Contribute to puncture can snag and valve rods, glass and branches. Bad time requiring repair and sealing of punctures. But here is the glue for boats, able to seal almost any opening in an inflatable boat. If necessary, this can be done directly on the water.

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