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Sweden will be a Museum of disgusting food

Travel portal 02.10.2018 at 21:24

Travel News

On 31 October in the Swedish city of malmö is working the first Museum in the world disgusting food. To visit this unusual attraction can be to the end of January next year...

the Exhibits of the Museum will be delicacies from the different countries of the world with a disgusting smell and appearance.

among them will be the national dish of Iceland haukal – rotten shark meat, a traditional Swedish treat surströmming – canned fermented herring. In addition, the Museum you will see the bull's genitals, cheese with maggots is a native of Sardinia and the fruit durian that grows in Southeast Asia and has a strong unpleasant smell. Thick skin unusual fruit resembles a cross between cheese, rotten onions, and turpentine, so the country dwelling of durian it is not allowed in many public places – shops, cafes, hotels.

Reported that the exhibits will be placed in a special vessel, so that their smell does not penetrate into the exhibition hall.

According to information on the Museum's website, it can be visited on all days except Monday and Tuesday. Entrance fee adult will need to pay 185 SEK (about $ 20), student – 150 CZK (about 16.7 us dollars).

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