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Keylor Navas: "Ronaldo has set the bar very high. You cannot cover the sun with a finger"

Goalkeeper of real Madrid keylor Navas shared his opinion about defeat from CSKA (0:1) in the Champions League.

"Cristiano has set the bar very high. It's no secret. You cannot cover the sun with one finger. But it's all in the past, we can't live. Guys are doing everything possible to score.

to compete with Courtois? I feel as though I just arrived. It's an honor to play football. I won't give up. We respect the decisions He. I don't know, play with the "alavesa". Ask the coach. I'm ready to play.

And I'll always be ready for the fact that my name POPs up in the headlines," said Navas.

Where was born the most expensive player in the history of Russia, in which city Cherchesov made Salah and what the film did in Siberia. Football-geographical test!