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Autumn photoshoot ideas

Wedding and family photographer 02.10.2018 at 16:58

Michael noses

Autumn photo shoot is a riot of colors, shades, moods. And the nature is the best background for bright photos.

it Remains to Supplement it with a good postures correctly chosen image and props

Select the image

When choosing image, remember that the colors of your clothes should blend in with the background and NOT MERGE with it.

life HACK:

to choose a perfect color of clothes, use color around Ethan.

Choose a shade opposite to the background.

for Example, the yellow-orange autumn background will match the blue color and its shades, and black and purple.

To the image of romantic dreamer girl perfect long skirts and dresses, complemented by hats and light scarves.

Lovers of casual style and grunge will in time, leather jackets, shirts, trousers, caps, sports or leather shoes.

a win-Win for a family photo session or love story – the clothes in the same style similar color.


If you want an autumn photo shoot was special to recreate the images of your favorite book characters or movie characters. Retro theme with its "tight" tones, thick fabrics and elegant details – this is one of the most effective options.

Choose the time and place for an autumn photo session

a Great location for a fall photo session on the street will be a Park, the grove, the promenade, a bench in the Park. The variety of colors of all shades guarantees good footage.

On time. If the window is very cloudy, then shooting will fit any time until dusk – then the shadows will be very soft and smooth, and that will only beautify your photos.

If the day was Sunny, do not rush to be photographed under its rays at noon! Wait until the light becomes more diffused (after 15.00).

the Posture and details for photography

What is the symbol of autumn? Of course, the fallen leaves!

Throws them on yourself, gather flowers, weave wreaths. For girls an excellent addition to stylish jewelry and accessories, gloves, capes.

Take on photography small props (or pre-arrange it with the photographer).

In gold, autumn beautiful look book with brown leather covers, vintage boxes, toys made of wood.

Love story

Autumn is the time for romantic walks in parks across the carpet of leaves of all shades. This walk will be a beautiful story of lovers photo shoot.

Walk, holding hands, throw each other the leaves lie in the mountains of fallen leaves.

On a walk you can take a large tea mugs and cast a cosy tea party in the woods.

Themed photoshoot

With the help of simple props, you can create a story in your shots!

Autumn is the season of harvest. Take advantage of this.

Large pumpkins, a scattering of apples, bunches of berries in a wicker basket will make frames especially bright. This story is suitable for individual and family autumn photo shoot.

don't forget to bring a blanket – then you can not only to be photographed sitting, but also hide them to multiple people.

the Beginning of school time can be beat through the piles of books, sheets of paper and an ink pen – years later, the former students will remember this time in such personnel.

the Bright umbrella – another version of posing. Take it to the photo shoot even in cloudy, hot in the sun.

regardless of the plot and the type of fall photo shoot enjoy those wonderful, bright, warm farewell moments that gives us the time, and then your photo shoot will turn out really beautiful!

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