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Happiness on the face is dangerous for your wallet themes of the day 02.10.2018 at 21:06

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Banks face recognition technology emotions to increase sales. Will we have to learn to follow the face, so as not to become target of "salespeople"?

How much better will be the sale if during the conversation with the client Manager will understand that he is dissatisfied with the service? Banks is not enough to get into the wallet of the client, they are going to understand that in his mind.

"If the client is especially happy, it is possible to sell something"

ROSBANK began to experiment with the technology of emotion recognition customers using neural networks, told the conference "Strategy of retail business — 2019", the head of research and experiences of ROSBANK Hope Zatonsky.

"On the employee's worksite is installed the camera, she leads the video communication of the employee with the client. The video stream is transmitted to neyroseti, it analyses and online reports to your workstation supervisor information about how much time the employee spent with the client, what he said, how effective. In addition, a neural network analyzes the emotions of the client. Shows happy if he was in the moment of communication with the employee, what kind of emotions experienced," she explained.

"Maybe it was possible to sell something to this customer, if he was especially happy," — said the representative of the Bank. According to her, the technology allows to work more effectively with sales and personnel training. "You clearly know who worked quickly, accurately, efficiently and who is not. Understand what words and how to react to the customers. Maybe the word "overdraft", he reacted negatively, and the words "let us give you a little more money than you need" — different. If the person is dissatisfied with the quality of service dissatisfied with the product, it is not necessary to go "outside", it must be suitable to the Manager and handle the situation", — gave the example Zatonsky. "Existing learning tools not as effective as designed for absolutely everyone. And when we use this technology, we can give each individual recommendation. For example, "you need to work on it" and you — "learn to make opsal and cross-sale". Thus we increase the efficiency of our sales," said Zatonskih.

Quote Credit DNA

"emotion Recognition using neural networks may become a very interesting technology in the banking sector. With the use of this technology artificial intelligence could notify the Bank of the operator about the mood of the client. To enable the operator to follow certain instructions and more efficiently to work with the client. The use of such technologies increases sales of banking products, helps to retain customers and attract new ones", — says adviser to the Chairman of the Association "Financial innovation" Murad Salikhov.

This technology may have good prospects for remote and robotic the sales, the Director of digital business of the Bank "East" Alexey Kazakov. "For example, if the customer independently draws the product through the mobile app or the self-service machine, then, identifying his emotions when receiving a loan, you can offer him a more attractive product, and thus increase the conversion to sales in the last step. As a Bank it is better to sell a less profitable product than not sell anything at all, to lose a customer," he says.

the Cossacks said that the Bank introduced the technology of voice identification of customers, which is also able to recognize emotions. "Within the improvement of remote work with clients in August 2017 Bank "East" implemented the technology of voice identification of customers, which works in the contact center. The human voice is unique, like fingerprints and DNA, so the voice recognition solves two problems at once: simplifies interactions between customers and the Bank, helps to recognize the emotions and desires of the customers and preclude fraud, infringe on customer data and monetary funds", — said Kazakov.

the Technology can be useful if the decision-making and response will also be automated, the Vice-President, Director of Department of direct sales of Bank products of Bank "the Renaissance the Credit" Sergey Gazizov. "For example, when calling the call centre it is possible to connection with the operator to determine the mood of the client and build script not only in content but in form it answers. The Department also by personal contact and so we can see a person's mood and react to it", — said Gazizov.

However, in his opinion, a tool itself showing the emotions of the customer, additional sales will bring. "It is important that the "hidden" processes. We have, for example, the head of the office most of the time in the gym and helps managers when dealing with difficult or confrontational clients. Therefore, an additional tool that signals the client's dissatisfaction, of little help: it doesn't add information for decision-making, does not encourage employees to different behavior. If colleagues is built not possible, this tool will improve the quality of customer interaction," adds Gazizov.

Without the permission of the person the face doesn't show

Banks that decide to implement the technology of emotion recognition in the face, will have to ask permission from the clients for conducting video draws attention to the partner of legal Bureau "Zamoskvorechye" Dmitry Shevchenko.

"Usage, especially for commercial purposes any images of people, including those obtained through the movie shooting, is possible only with their consent. With the exception of use cases in government, public or other public interests. Without permission, you can use images of people, obtained when recording in public places and at public events. Thus, the use of images of citizens Bank for their further processing possible only with their (citizens) resolution and nothing else. That is just to warn you that shooting is conducted, is not enough — the warning does not give the right to process a conversation or even a picture/video of a citizen," — said the lawyer.