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Will shut off if the entire Internet 11 Oct themes of the day 03.10.2018 at 21:06

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On 11 October for the first time since 2010, are changing the cryptographic keys for the protection of the Internet. They serve to protect the domain name system ( DNS). Than it threatens us and the Internet?

What is the "beast" is the DNS?

in order to understand what will change on 11 October, need to get back to basics. So, what is DNS? It is the abbreviation of Domain Name System the domain name system. In our case, it is important to understand that this system is used to determine the IP address that you want to redirect the user. That is, the user enters the website address is the DNS query from the client to the server, the answer to that comes the IP address of the website where client should be redirected to.

Why do introduced keys

once upon a time, at the dawn of the Internet, the issue of security was not the main one. But with the development of the Global network was discovered a number of vulnerabilities, which can not fail to take advantage of the scammers. In particular, initially the authenticity of responses was not tested. This led to the fact that the Scam could when requesting to substitute your IP address is correct, transferring the user to your website.

the Situation was resolved in 2010, when ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Corporation for assigned names and IP addresses) was introduced cryptographic keys. This was released an extension to DNSSEC that actually confirms that the address requested for the customer is correct.

While ICANN said it plans to change the keys, or when you discredit them, or once in five years. But given that no security problems arise, life changes key was moved to October 11, 2018.

whether to Wait for the catastrophe on 11 October

According to the technical Director of Qrator Labs, a graduate program ICANN's Fellowship Artem Gavrichenkov about any catastrophic failures, especially worldwide, it is not. Most of the networks and information systems are either not affected at all (due to a lack of DNSSEC support), or is ready for it. There are, of course, the question of the human factor in the qualifications of IT personnel, but all popular services, applications, and connectivity between networks will continue to work. Problems can occur in some corporate networks. But such problems must be quickly identified and resolved their administrators.

the Problem may relate mainly home networks access to the Internet, but there the influence of the shift keys is very limited. In particular, in Russia, DNSSEC, according to the authoritative laboratory APNIC Labs, supports no more than 20-25% of recursive DNS servers. And even this optimistic assessment. "Cases that are difficult to access is likely to be much less," — says Artem Gavrichenkov.

Quote Who may suffer from replacement keys for encryption

"Ordinary users could be affected only if a local or large providers will not have time to replace the keys on its side. In this case, users will not be able to get to resources using domain names, but IP addresses resources will continue to be available", — says head of information security of Timur Garayev.

About the change of keys has long been known that allowed the market to prepare and make any necessary edits. According to the Executive Vice President for interaction with Executive authorities of the operator of "Beeline" Mikhail Yakushev, there are procedures by which key information you are administering us domains is replaced in a timely manner. "We do follow those procedures and everything should happen quickly for all users. In fact it is only about the installation of our upgrade software. ICANN has already endured the replacement for a few months, just to avoid any surprises and to prepare all participants to prevent any emergency situations", — said Yakushev.

the Press-service operators "MTS", "MegaFon" and Tele2 have also confirmed that they are ready to change.

However, even if the portal did not have time to make the necessary changes, you still have time to troubleshoot, following the advice of Artem Gavrichenkov:

"In any case, there is a way to be sure whether you are affected by your own Internet connection is a problem with the upgrade keys. To do this, go to this website and look at the line just under the header. If it glows red, it is recommended to send a request to your ISP with a screenshot of the browser page. If the line is highlighted green, you have nothing to worry about.

In an extreme case, you as the user can at any moment free to change your DNS server settings in the Internet connection to one that will not experience problems. One of these servers available on the IP address"

In General, a large-scale disaster, it seems, is not expected. And thank God! Because now we are dependent on the smooth working of the Internet.