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"The dispute over empty space" and the change in selectors level 4

Css-live - Severstal your world! 04.10.2018 at 10:40

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A Few hours ago in the specification of CSS selectors level 4 has made a subtle but significant change. Redefine useful pseudo-class :empty: before, in selectors level 3, which has been the standard since 2011, he met only empty elements, do not contain even spaces and HTML comments, but now the elements with some whitespace and HTML comments inside will be also be considered empty. And the pseudo-class :blank, which is previously proposed for such elements will now match the form elements with an empty value.

Although the new behavior :empty seems logical (spaces in HTML are often used merely to format the code and not treated as content), it breaks backward compatibility, so not all of it welcome. In ICU on github's CSS working group, although it was closed as resolved, the discussion continues. So, if you have objections and examples where new behavior :empty is "not the topic", feel free to get involved and argue the editors of the specification is ready to reconsider its decision, if necessary, and the future of CSS is in your hands!