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Kirk Hammett about a possible solo album: "This is not a metal album." 01.10.2018 at 13:17

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In a recent interview with Metal Hammer guitarist vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica" kirk Hammett (Kirk Hammett) said that he was not against the idea of release a solo album: "I Have so much material, and it is clearly not material for a "Metallica", and this pile is getting bigger and bigger. One of those days when the time is right, for that... I still feel like I still have so much to give Metallica. When I feel that this is enough, maybe I'll think about writing another material."

about what fans can expect from his possible album, kirk said, "It is not a metal album. It would be something so strange and diverse, but simultaneously, something integral. For me would not be a surprise if each of us recorded his solo, independent, self-contained album. I think it's great, and if it comes to that, and when you return to the group, then come back with great enthusiasm. It's like a small hike, then it's always nice to come home to a cushy bed!"

Recall that in a 2008 interview with Rolling Stone, Hammett admitted that he thought about recording a solo album while working on "St. Anger", while the band struggled with their problems (frontman of Metallica James Hetfield (James Hetfield) were treated in a rehabilitation center, and between-group differences). "Honestly, I was ready to begin work on a solo album, he said. — I had a lot of music over which I pored. I was going to ask Lars (Ulrich) (Lars Ulrich, drummer of Metallica) to record the drum tracks for his album".

kirk also said that in his spare time he played "a lot of jazz and Blues": "I listen to Tala, Farlow, Kenny Burrell, Elmore James and buddy guy. One day I'll make a solo album which is very diverse, with different manners of playing the guitar. Once I thought, "What would I do when I turn 70 years old, and I'm gonna sit on the porch with a guitar? Play "Seek & Destroy"? [Laughs] I love the riffs of the songs UFO, which lasted for half an hour. But then I lean over to the amp, switch to clean channel and play some Bossa Nova or Robert Johnson."