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Delete clones of your site out of the index PS

Typical Internet guy ™ 07.04.2018 at 10:35

Vyacheslav Scoble: about creativity, about life and other nonsense, giving advice: how to live on the Internet, how to survive and what to do with all this

In the article "If you found a complete clone of your site on the Internet" is simple code in JS, which you can use to collect traffic from the clones of the sites running on the file_get_contents and its analogues.

In our case, the term "clone sites" means dynamic sites are identical (duplicates) that are hosted on other domains on the Internet. Copies of these sites repeat not only the text contents, they look like "two peas in a pod", sometimes stealing from the original site counters and promotional codes.

the Code vs the clones is the following:




var $url = "my" + CY + "t ru";

if ( $url !== {location.href = 'http://' + $url;}

This code checks if the loaded page such and such domain, if not, performs a redirect to this domain. Thus, if the robot remote site sparsit your website content and post it on another domain, the user, by opening this page in your browser will be redirected to the original page where this info was "borrowed" by a robot.

in Addition to the untold thanks from readers, and often sounded the question: how to throw a clone from a search engines index? After all, one way or another, and the texts remain on the clones are duplicates!

Kill the clone of a site Yandex

Check for clone pages in the index Yandex search query can be: |

to get it from Yandex simple - you need to make a clone of a mirror. Yandex will determine all your clones mirrors, as these sites contain nearly identical content (up to design), you only need to specify Yandex which mirrors the main (yet he did not automatically and not in your favor).

Reaffirm the right to clone

Added clone of a site in Yandex. As a confirmation of rights you can choose as a Meta-tag (added to the code of the main page of your site (in the head)) and HTML file (placed in root of website). Confirmation codes You PLACE ON YOUR WEBSITE! And click "Verify".

As clone "hawala" all his slips, the problems with the confirmation of the rights to the clone should not occur!

Moving the clone to the primary mirror In Yandex.The affiliate after a confirmed clone, under Indexing → Relocation of the site carried out by moving (mirror glue). As to move only on domains with proven rights, the original site should also be added to Yandex.Webmaster.

Choose the original site from the list that will move Your clone and hit "Save". Change the main mirror takes one to three weeks. After the site enters search under the name of the new primary mirror. To put it simply, a website-a clone in the Yandex search will be replaced by your domain!

Soon the webmaster via internal mail receives a notice from Yandex about changing the main mirror:

Kill the clone of a site in Google

to Check the pages of the clone in Google search, you search query:

it is Preferable to proceed immediately to the removal of all pages of the clone of the issue, and it can be done in a few minutes/hours.

Reaffirm the right to clone

In Google.The webmaster click the "Add resource", confirmed right of possession to the clone (the procedure is almost the same as Yandex).

Removed clone of search results

In the Google Index - Remove URLS, click "Temporarily hide". In the "Enter the URL of the page you want to hide..." nothing is listed, and click "Continue"

This tool will remove from search results all pages clone for at least 90 days! It is not an actual removal from the index, but only a concealment, but such a step is sufficient at this stage of the game Your site.

Soon the clone will disappear from the search results, what will indicate the status "Deleted".

If Your site has multiple clones, this procedure should be done for all sites in a similar way.

headshot - file robots.txt

At the root of your (original website) hosted a fake klonrobots.txt contents:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

In the root file .of added htaccess rule (where - your website):

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /robots.txt

RewriteRule robots.txt klonrobots.txt [L]

This trick may not work for all clones, but as an additional measure to combat cloning will be very helpful.

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