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As Yandex disliked all cryptanalytical together

Typical Internet guy ™ 09.04.2018 at 11:14

Vyacheslav Scoble: about creativity, about life and other nonsense, giving advice: how to live on the Internet, how to survive and what to do with all this

About the prohibition of cryptocurrency topics (and this includes is bitcoins and altcoins, miners, ICO, etc.) in the advertising segment, Google, Facebook and Twitter probably heard everything. Some even said that it was one of the main reasons for the strong "drawdown" of cryptocurrency with the advent of 2018. But few have heard about a ban of such topics in the "Yandex" - officially, this was not mentioned anywhere. Meanwhile, Russian multinational company have declared a real war cryptanalytical on all fronts and this is clearly not on their own initiative!

the Cryptocurrency topic locked in "Yandex.Direct"

since the beginning of 2018 Yandex advertising network started to reject ads containing themes of cryptocurrencies and ICO. Because banning the above topics never reported, many were left wondering why all these ads were branded "Rejected by moderator"? Treatment dissatisfied, tech support answered in that spirit that these advertising messages do not conform to company policy. And to the comments that in this policy there is any word about cryptocurrency, the support explained that the company always reserves the right to reject any ad without explanation!

the Answer of technical support of Yandex.Direct about locking the cryptocurrency

it Remains unclear what motivated the company Yandex, but the network grew strong opinion that the prohibition of advertising of crypto-currencies in Google and Facebook were implemented under pressure from the FBI.

the Protection of miners put in "Yandex.Browser"

In 2017 on many sites in the Internet there are JS scripts that can mine cryptocurrency. Owners, they brought in an income, sometimes using 100% of the computing power of the device. Such "passive income" try it yourself webmaster's sites trying to get additional revenue from traffic and intruders, massively cracking sites and distributing scripts browser mining.

very soon, these scripts become blocked by common ad blockers. For its part, Google announced anti-extensions for browsers containing mining scripts. And, in Yandex went even further, in March 2018 protection from miners they are implemented directly in "Yandex.The browser". The browser analyzes the load on the processor of the user device and blocks mining scripts on the websites.

Test of Yandex.Browser with protection against scripts mining cryptocurrency

By the way, introduced in browsers with Yandex for all devices, including iOS and Android.

Yandex started to clean and search?

To my surprise, today in the panel Yandex.Webmaster got a frightening notice "of Breaches and security threats on the website":

Yandex started the fight with the distributors of software for miners?

Here it was stated that:

Some of the files available on the website, contain additional software. It can be installed on the computer is unwanted or malicious programs that can crash the computer or unauthorized change its settings.

an Example of such violations is the article "mining the cryptocurrency from scratch (on a PC)". The article deals with the miner PC and the link (shortcut) to the site of the miner. But there are no links to download! And it is thrown out of the search?

In the help Yandex find:

Note "According to Yandex, the site can be dangerous files" appears in the search results if the site was discovered threat or unwanted program files, or links to such programs, which install on the computer additional software without the explicit consent of the user. For example, a program wrapper.

an Example of such a program may be a file downloaded by a user when attempting a download audio, video, etc. of content after the start which the system can be installed optional without providing any information about the software and without the user's consent.

All this creates not encouraging about the prospects for a global ban on cryptocurrency themes on all fronts throughout the Internet. And it is not the prerogative of Yandex, there is someone above...

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