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Do bulk SMS today?

Typical Internet guy ™ 22.05.2018 at 20:43

Vyacheslav Scoble: about creativity, about life and other nonsense, giving advice: how to live on the Internet, how to survive and what to do with all this

SMS-sending is often called the most effective way of advertising, the most progressive method of advertising in the information space, a working tool for business development, powerful marketing tool. Vaunted od many and different. Does this technology really is and what are its prospects?

the SMS-sending in the trade

increasingly shops and stores use SMS messages to alert your customers and potential customers about marketing promotions or new product incomings. This advertising method is very efficient because it is focused not on the General population and specific target audience. This audience quickly fixed peg to the brand, the brand. Growing confidence, sales are...

SMS mailing through the Internet is also very economical way of advertising that is aimed at the interested group of consumers. Trading network collect your customer database when processing discount cards or on their websites. If they value the reputation, the distribution of messages is made only with the consent of the client, although not all adhere to this rule. According to antivirus company ESET Russia, from annoying SMS spam suffer 76% of users. 65% of them too often get SMS, 2% — advertising calls, and 9% and messages, and calls.

Thus, it can be stated that SMS is not effective... if you send out too often. The buyers of your products may have a reverse effect. Although too rarely is not worth it to send SMS advertising content, in order about Your shop is not forgotten.

the Future of bulk SMS

SMS is used not only shopping network for advertising. The second example illustrating the popularity of banking. Often the banks under the guise of popular SMS-informing about the financial Affairs of the client, doing that is not SMS-sending promotional content about their products and services.

the SMS-mailing you can think of and much more practical application. You've probably heard, recently a couple of hundred secondary schools in Moscow were connected to the system of SMS-informing. Parents receive a notification about what time their children come to class and when I got out. In the long term, SMS-mailing can be part of messages about the progress of the student, serious disciplinary violations, parent meetings, school events, etc.

However, given the evolution of technological innovations in this field, SMS-mailing can predict a bright future. Notice, like all state forms graph appeared "mobile phone"? So a census can be done!

When and why it works?

SMS-mailing to bring customers the conversion. Therefore, they exist as a marketable product for marketing purposes. Today, bulk SMS work, and apparently in the foreseeable future will continue to work on. And here's why:

the Point and coverage. Large companies (like BSG) providing services of bulk SMS, can boast the greatest coverage (thousands of operators worldwide). A database of potential recipients is enormous, device that can read SMS almost always in the pocket of the adult and child. Recipients can also be segmented by gender, age, income and other parameters. The "personalization" of telephone numbers is long and successful. Cheapness. SMS campaigns have the lowest cost of communication, if we take into account the involvement of the client. Opportunities in the SMS-mailings are large enough despite a fixed length: the SMS is possible to send a unique promo code, active phone number, a link to the target page. Many do not believe in the success of Twitter, which is not allowed to write more than 140 characters, in the end it turned out that brevity - the sister of talent, and short text messages to better verbalize sources can convey the essence when used correctly. Breaking. Instant messengers and Email are great communication channels we all use them, but they will not provide you such a high percentage of delivery and reading of SMS that come to mobile devices (like PUSH notifications to the browser) that is always at hand. This means that the marketing message is on target. Experts note that the response rate in mobile advertising has 40%, and for conventional advertising campaigns it does not exceed 4%.

have you engaged in SMS-mailing? And how did they meet your expectations?