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What is crowd-reference and where to get it for free?

Typical Internet guy ™ 07.08.2018 at 17:50

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What is crowd-links? What is their appeal? Who are linkbuilder and who is Linkbuilder? For dessert freebie - 199 rubles for a balance in service, to buy 1 eternal crowd-links!

SEO specialist usually needs to engage in global strategic things to promote the site. And when the need arises to buy new links to the site, he unwittingly enlists the aid of a specialized link exchanges, where they are sold as a commodity. And often, it's like a Bazaar: many offers, low quality, fake valinoti. "Just buy" it will not happen, you need to buy wisely, all weighing and paying, and that money is the energy of SEOs goes in the wrong direction.

have recently gained popularity of the so-called crowd-links. This links to the texts of the reviews, recommendations and discussions, for example, which use the "online crowd" (crowd – crowd). It's not necessarily the links dofollow (open for indexing), a distinctive feature is the traffic (real clicks) and natural (people post of forums, blogs, and services questions and answers).

Are the "natural links" is particularly interesting as the reading audience, and search engines and is quite popular as a product in the environment of SEO-optimizers. In this connection, you need to get acquainted with two terms:

crowd marketing- advanced way to promote at which your website promotes the "crowd" of people.

Linkbuilder (from the English. — "construction of references") - member of the "crowd" of people, placing links in crowd marketing.

the crowd-links are sold by the specialized agencies, hiring of linkbelow and one of them is called "Linkbuilder" (headquarters in Moscow).

All you need to know about "Linkbuilder" Works with 2014; Cost 1 crowd-links is fixed and is 199 rubles (can be reduced by up to 12% at completion); a Guarantee against removal of the 90 days (more than any other crowd-service); Renting of items on a schedule or on request; Flexible campaign settings (you can specify the number of links with the donor, the intensity of occupancy, comparison with competitors, etc.); Daily verification of all hosted links; Any method of payment, including Bank transfer; What we liked simple intuitive interface (nothing extra); speed; automatic selection of promoted queries; the ability to edit their requests; the budget allocation for reference types ("Linkbuilder" uses in its work: comments, questions and answers, forums, articles and social networks); an opportunity region selection (I ordered for the Ukrainian, crowd-links were made solely on the Ukrainian sites);

here is the crowd-link in the performance of linkbuilders from "Linkbuilder":

An example of crowd-links from Linkbuilder it looks like the panel optimizer in Linkbuilder That did not like the rent price of items (in fact a penny, but it would be possible to do a free monthly report); the inability to challenge the link (though in fact next to each link there is a button "Appeal" - in practice, don't know what she will); that's all as for the cons; free crowd link from Linkbuilder for the promotional code

Want to know how the team linkbuilders of Linkbuilder (pardon the pun) and get 1 crowd-the link to your website? Take advantage of great deals using the promo code from the Typical Internet user and follow the instructions.

Sign up in the service of Linkbuilder the link:

Click on the "Deposit" button in the personal account; Select payment option "Activate the code"; Use the promo code: SEOZONA Activate the promo code. Your balance will be credited 199 rubles which can be spent on the purchase of 1 links to the test service. The process of activating a promo code for a free crowd links

At the promotional code does not expire, the offer is valid bezsrochno! But remember, the freebie is given exactly at 1 site and 1 user, don't try to cheat activation code for new links on a free basis (the system tracks).

On this promo code You will be able to buy 1 link for a test to assess the quality of the work and test the system interface. And then make a decision to launch a comprehensive campaign to promote your site or not.

the Good position and good traffic!