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New year is near. How to do everything in 90 days

Orlan 02.10.2018 at 16:41


Before the new year only three months. Is it possible for these 90 days more than for the whole year? Follow these three paragraphs from the book "the Hour of silence" David Horsager, and then new year's eve you will be proud to raise a glass to success.

1. Make a plan

in Front of 90 days. Select the direction in which you want to succeed.

I have Long wanted to start a new project? To optimize your business? To start earning online?

David advises that planning did not exceed 30 minutes.

Ask yourself 6 questions.

"Where am I now?"

If you do not know where you are, it is difficult to determine where will be in the future.

Ask yourself: "Where am I today?". The answer will show your strengths and weaknesses will help to identify risks and opportunities.

"What I wanted to achieve for the new year?"

You make a plan not for five years and not a year. Long-term plans to build are now inappropriate. So relax a little bit, keep in mind the answer to the first question and tell me where you would like to be in a few months?

Specify clear quantitative goal. The clearer it is, the higher the chance to do more than planned.

"Why should I?"

If you or your team is "burning" a target, you will succeed.

You only go if you have a sufficient level of motivation. If the team is United by a common goal, it is easy to cope with all difficulties.

Find a strong motive.

"How to achieve?"

Define what actions will bring you closer to the result. What you can do now, so the result was closer?

"How to achieve?"

While the team will not begin to take concrete actions today, tomorrow, repeat the question.

"How to achieve?"

What is the most difficult in any planning? To determine the specific steps.

To have complete clarity about his actions, David offers three ask yourself this question. Maybe all ten. The point is to set it up until the team will not see what specific steps are necessary for the result.

Three times the question "How?" helps us to see the path that will lead to the goal.

Continue to ask it until instead of abstract simple answers will not come clear.

2. Prioritize

When you have formulated a specific goal and a list of actions to achieve it, it is important not to stray from the path.

not to forget about important appointments and tasks, record the entire list.

Opposite each task, set priority. Count the number of items in the list and number them in descending order.

If you 25 tasks, on the contrary, the most important supply figure 25.

Next in importance to note figure 24, and so on until the end of the list.

Repeat the same thing, but in order of urgency. The most urgent business note figure 25.

Then add the numbers of priority and importance. The tasks which attains the maximum amount, you must perform first.

3. Write a list of SVD

When the algorithm of goal achievement is made, the time to implement it. In order not to fall into euphoria from the feeling that the goal was only one step, daily use tactics SVD (most important things).

the Algorithm of making a list of SVD:

first thing in the Morning, take the sticker. At the top write the most important to you current objective. Below, arrange the numbers from 1 to 5. Next to the numbers write down the most important or urgent things to do today that will help to achieve the goal.

do Not write more than five of the most important cases. A greater number overwhelm you. Chances are that you can't do anything.

All five goals must help to move forward, as well as narrow them. Not "call prospective clients", and "make 10 calls to potential buyers,"

Focus on the Essentials to complete your plan before the new year. Don't let distraction interfere with your activities. And then the result will not keep itself waiting, and maybe you will have time to do much more than planned.

According to the book "the Hour of silence"