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Maxim Batyrev about the bonuses and promotions in the B2B market

Orlan 04.10.2018 at 19:41


Very much in sales depends on the position of the first person. What you — as the leader — the more you believe? That in your industry you can't sell without discounts? Hence, the sellers can't sell without discounts. What you need to buy microwave ovens and irons as bonuses to customers, and then customers will buy?

Maxim Batyrev claims that when the irons are in stock will end, sellers can no longer sell. Read the bestseller "45 tattoos of prodavan" and deal with promotions or discounts.

"come on, SHARE!"

Imagine the Board meeting at which the excited Director of sales-shows sales schedules in the industry, produced by analysts. He's excited, he says there's a chance! Finally have a chance to defeat those who long time is on the highest place what you need to stimulate the market that need some unusual stuffing for the customers to choose their company.

Then takes the word marketing Director and says that he has the opportunity to purchase inexpensive, but the truth, and not the best quality computers and tablets that people will choose their offer, because the possession of a tablet now in the trend that will have the company fork out, but here he agrees with the Director of sales — there's a chance!

the owner or CEO, he closed his eyes, signed the bill at a fairly decent amount, so they have time to deliver to sales departments by December 1,...

what happens next?

On the sellers happily run with these leaflets in their client base, and in that moment they cease to be carriers of the values and benefits of the product or service. They are trying to sell this tablet. Free. And they do it instead of having to sell what they are primarily supposed to be selling. They forget about that the main product, which fed them all this time, because their managers were given the opportunity to do it, and everyone in the chain from the owner to the sales — I think that a cheap Chinese tablet as a gift should be the main reason for buying from them.

Huge mistake — to give the chance to sellers to believe in your product, and now buy they need because they have this Chinese gadget.

Some managers allow such critical bugs and make sellers of commercial impotent men who won't be able to sell without a "magic pill" in the form of promotions, gift and other things.

the Seller, received the choice that he needs to sell bonus or a main item starts with a bonus.

Because it is free, easy to implement, benefits from it is obvious and it becomes a argument to start cooperation. Especially in the B2B market.

And then your army refuses to fight, because it demoralized due to the fact that the front is not delivered scented toilet paper. Where is our gift to the microwave? Without them customers don't want to buy!

a Free glass of kvass

Imagine you come with a loved one in a restaurant, open a menu and see the unusual names of the dishes like "French autumn" or "Chestnut ruby." Suppose the names you hooked, and when the waiter comes, you ask him to tell you about these dishes. Good waiters start to talk about fresh cherry tomatoes, dried under the Italian sun, about tender and crispy baguette wand that will bring to the exquisite cream soup with truffle flavor, made under the personal supervision of the chef.

the Good the waiter just takes the order, he sells food and makes it tasty.

now imagine the scene when the waiter leans over to you and says mysteriously: "it's Highly recommended to take this piece of meat. It is now skidochka 35 percent." Or: "here Take this pizza, and as a gift to her we will bring you a glass of kvass. The imp-card-no".

a Small number of people want to make a reservation at the restaurant for a free glass of kvass, and not for a good main course. A small number of customers will want to buy from you for the sake of those bonuses, discounts and gifts that are a gift to the main product or service.

And, most likely, this client is single, because the gift is quickly forgotten, but the main product remains. But he's not sold. Sold only a gift. Therefore, the primary product can be very easy and painless to give up.

According to the book "45 tattoos of prodavan".