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The U.S. is going to re-impose sanctions on ZTE 04.10.2018 at 06:51

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Again, the United States may impose sanctions on the Chinese company ZTE. A U.S. judge ruled that ZTE violated his probation, imposed in March 2017, when the company was found guilty in violation of U.S. sanctions, illegally supplying U.S. goods and technology to Iran.

In the result, the judge extended the period of monitoring ZTE to 2020. Initially, the monitoring was supposed to last until 2020.

Recall, the U.S. Senate finally lifted the sanctions against ZTE in the summer of 2018. In April, the U.S. government banned the Chinese ZTE to buy the products of American technology companies for seven years, and has also restricted sales of smartphones and network equipment of ZTE in the country. The US has accused ZTE in the supply of products with American components to Iran and North Korea. This decision of the Ministry of Commerce resulted in the most unpleasant consequences for ZTE. In early may, the ZTE has officially announced to stop basic operations because of U.S. sanctions.