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WCS Signature Series tells the story of Maru

StarCraft® II 02.10.2018 at 21:31

16 of the best players in the World Championship Series (WCS) is already a few steps from the most important trophy in professional StarCraft II. Together with WCS Signature Series you can get acquainted with four participants: Securom Cho (Maru), Juan Carlos tena Lopez (SpeCial), Bensalem Lee (Rogue) and Joonas Sotala (Serral).

Cho Sonu (Maru)

Maru played professional StarCraft II barely entered adolescence. Even then he was incredibly talented — in 2012 it was called the best Terran in the world — but now he has become much stronger. In 2018, he won all the Championships Global StarCraft League (GSL). His mastery of the Terrans makes him a terrible opponent in any point in the game, and this year no one was able to catch him by surprise. In the Signature Series we will try to find out what you need to from a child Prodigy to become a conqueror of eSports peaks.

the Endless hours of training, weekly trips to tournaments across the world and engulfing emotions after a tough League — that's just one aspect of life these four professional players, for which we could observe for many years. Using WCS Signature Series you get to know them closer through exclusive interviews and stories about key moments in their careers.

WCS Signature Series will tell you about the path of professional and personal maturation to a three times champion of the Global StarCraft League (GSL) Maru, three time champion of the Copa America SpeCial, the defending champion WCS Global Rogue and the winner of the biggest WCS event Circuit Serral. In WCS Signature Series we will discuss and better understand what these professional players in StarCraft II.

WCS Signature Series will come out every week from October 4 to and until the beginning of the WCS Global Finals. Don't miss the Signature Series editions of WCS, and October 26, with us watching the exciting conclusion of the 2018 season at the WCS Global Finals.