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Rest in Karolino-buhaz

MComp 03.10.2018 at 04:45

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With the approach of a long-awaited vacation or holiday weekend, the question arises, where you can relax comfortably and get a lot of good memories. In the Odessa region there are areas Karolino-buhaz, she is a true resort, which is located between the Black sea and the Dniester. But how much is rest on Bugaz, which is where pensions and resorts. After all, this is a small village located on big mountain. In fact, tourists will find a pleasant surprise in this small area there are many lodges and hotels which are ready to provide quality and comfortable stay. Of course, according to certain standards, all the bases can be divided into categories with different levels of service. Great popularity among these establishments is the hotel SEAZONE. The school meets all the requirements, then you can relax with family or friends, and maybe even spend time in solitude.

the Hotel offers its clients the following conditions:

Comfortable rooms, which are stylish and original interior. You can book single, double room or rent a Villa on the beach. Large heated pool located in the courtyard of the hotel. The pool is a safe place for families with young children, warm the water in the pool will not cause parents to worry about comfortable stay in this baby. Water regularly undergo special cleaning and filtering, and thus it is completely safe for children and adults. On site is a Playground where kids have fun together and spend time. Bike rental for hotel guests is very popular, it's an opportunity for a family or company to ride on bicycles through the scenic Karolino-buhaz. The restaurant SEAZONE offers its customers the most delicious and favorite dishes. A varied menu can satisfy the demands of even the most sophisticated gourmet. Seafood and fish are very popular among vacationers. The hotel has an official website where you can get all the necessary information. To contact the Manager of the hotel and to leave the reservation can be made online or by telephone. The site provides photos of rooms, pool, restaurant, bars, beach and luxury villas, all this conveys the atmosphere of coziness and comfort that reigns in the hotel SeaZonE.