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How to wean your baby to draw on the walls in the house 04.10.2018 at 15:30

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Kids are naturally very curious and im all around fun. If you have caught your toddler drawing on the walls, remember that in any case you shouldn't swear. Instead, calmly stop the pursuit of art, and redirect the child to more acceptable space for drawing. Tell your child that his Doodle is very interesting and beautiful, but on the walls they do not look.

the Basic methods for the walls in your house was clean)


Safely stop the kid when he draws on the wall. Once you see that the child writes or draws on the wall, calmly tell him to stop. Instead of lecturing the kid about why you can't draw on the walls, just say, "do Not write, please, on the walls! The walls are not for drawing. Get the album".

Ask the kid to help you to scrub the wall from paints and pencils. Let the kid know what it's like to clean the wall after such arts. Don't use cleaning as punishment. The child may continue to associate the picture with the sentence.

Thank your baby, once he will help you clean up your drawings on walls. This will help to strengthen the idea of clean walls in the house, and such actions of the kid will definitely appreciate.

Send the baby to the appropriate space for drawing. It is important that your child know what the drawing is, of course, is fine and great, but only when they are drawn in the right place. If you ask the kid to stop drawing on the walls, then show him where it is permitted. You can offer your child to go to the easel and see how he's going to draw a picture.

When you are in spirit, or angry, do not call the drawings of your little daubs and other bad words. Never push and not yell at the child when you see what he drew on all the walls. Anger anger can damage your relationships and make it more likely that the kid will continue to draw on the walls to cause you to have negative emotions. It is important that your child understand that you are not fun, from what he draws on the walls in the house.

Keep the items for art out of reach when not in use.

While you educate your toddler to not draw on the walls, make sure that access to arts facilities there. Place them on the top shelf in the closet.

Purchase finger paint and pencils. They are much easier to wash away from the walls if your kid has caught the inspiration and sprayed half the house. Do not allow your child to write or draw with pens and markers.

you need to Stay with baby while he paints. For your child it may take some time to learn that walls are not designed for drawing. If the baby stands up and walks to the wall and in his hand the token, you will need to return it to your piece of paper or album. Having explained thus that the marker paint on the walls is strictly prohibited. Then praise and thank him for understanding when he starts to use his sketch pad.

You can adjust the easel as much as possible vertically or attach a large sheet of paper on the wall in a special place in the house for painting.

Some kids prefer to draw on the walls because it's easier to do this standing than sitting. Create suitable conditions that the kid could draw with pleasure.

Purchase a Board with erasable markers. Show your child how he can draw and then erase their drawings. He is sure to enjoy.

You can offer your child to paint your excellent drawings on the street. Take crayons or paints and let them draw on the sidewalk or on the Playground. If it is winter time, make the colored water to paint the snow.

Let the child more unnecessary paint makeup, and let your kid draws in the bathroom while bathing.

don't forget to praise your toddler when he uses a dedicated space for drawing. Children respond well to positive feedback, so it is important to encourage good behavior every time you notice it. Your baby will be happy that you appreciate and are interested in his drawings.