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Design guidelines in Yandex.Health

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Many people think that Yandex is a big monolithic Corporation with strict regulated processes, but it is not. We are constantly looking for new areas, develop new projects and exploring new markets. Service for online consultations with a doctor "Yandex.Health" is one of the classical internal startups.

I have come to lead the development of Health at the time when the service was still a page with a brief on the internal wiki. In this post I want to share the development approaches that we have formed over more than two years of work on the service.


start-up has its own peculiarities. Our main goal is to make the maximum number of experiments per unit of time and to give food features as fast as possible. At the same time we must keep the quality of the product at this level to him was not ashamed. [A place to flame about missing some conscience]. Notice that high-speed delivery features includes maintaining high code quality. Otherwise, the product sooner or later, bogged down in the bugs.

All of the items below or otherwise hard-won, almost every one is a case from real life.

the code Quality and architecture

We minimize the time of bringing features to production while maintaining acceptable quality.

Any task involves two decisions: fast and correct. For any features we think through both options, to be able to upgrade a quick solution to the right, making the minimum of unnecessary work "on release". Popping out a quick decision some time looking and understand whether the right.

Critical. Often, the difference in time between the order to "solve it the first way, scoring a crutch" and "solve nice and neat" – ten minutes. We therefore always think before writing.

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