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Sicily, always good weather and delicious food

Travel portal 08.10.2018 at 07:42

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Hello my readers, this is your Surzhik Eduard Nikolaevich, and today I will tell you about another interesting place, located in the Mediterranean sea.

the World, which is closed in this wonderful, juicy and very Sunny country in the form of a triangle, the writer Umberto Eco could safely be placed in a separate volume of his book and describe about lost kingdoms, which can be found here. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Turks, Arabs, Normans, Bourbons or just Sicilians. It is a completely different nation, which is very different from native Italians who are very proud to live here, more than the Italians.

In Sicily the weather is good and the food

In Sicily, always great weather here, you don't have to worry about the number of Sunny days, simply because this place in the list of top 5 places in Europe, where it is always warm and Sunny, in addition, it is very quickly heated sea, especially between Catania and Caracuseni. And warm water maintained almost until the beginning of November.

In Sicily is very good and cheap food (as in all Italy) and a very diverse geography. By the way, in the highest part of mount Etna, even in summer, the Turkish stairs near Agrigenti temperature can be near zero degrees, at the time when the heat can reach over 40 degrees in the shade.

City of Sicily

This city of Cefalu is located in the Central part of the coast of Sicily. The amazing location has made the city one of the most beautiful on the island. Sicily is the perfect place where a lot of flowers, the sun almost the whole year and a lot of ancient ruins at every step. Palermo deserves a separate description, as well as Catania and Siracusa.

Separately presented Cefalu and Ragusa. This city is located in the TOP50 list of the most beautiful places in Europe. They say that the city Taormina can be divided into two parts, because this city is very rich tourists, it has already begun in the age of romanticism in Europe, and continues to this day.

Travel in Sicily

Sicily is the perfect place to stay for two weeks with a rental car tour in all quite comfortable and there is no need to rush. However, pretty quickly if you use the railway lane that leads to Palermo or Catania. If you want a little adventure, then it is likely to visit two neighbouring Islands, micro archipelago, — Gadicke Islands in the West, or North – Aeolian.

However, if You only have a week, you can just choose Western Sicily with a base in Palermo, Trapani or Marsala.

At another time, when You return, you can visit the Eastern part of Sicily. So where do you think you can organize yourself a decent holiday for a week? It turns out in sume about 7000-7500 hryvnia per person. On that note, Surzhik Edward tells you all, have a nice travel. While!

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