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What to do with extra stuff? :.: Article 07.10.2018 at 21:00 :.: Article

, This issue usually appears during the targeting in the apartment of the General of the order. In any family with years of accumulated things that you do not use family members, but it is a pity to throw away, because they can still serve. However, becoming superfluous, these things shifted here and there in search of the right and thus creates certain inconveniences. And most importantly — they contribute to the cluttering of living space. At some period in bringing order out bought additional lockers. But this measure is temporary, so how to make room in the warehouse is impossible. As soon as a realized this point, so again the question arises: "what to do with extra stuff?". And really — where? Can the boxes with unnecessary things make it to the balcony. But with the same result as home — start zahlamlenija balcony. It is possible to take to the cottage and leave it there. But for what? To the country to be a warehouse? Photo: Depositphotos first you need to simply distribute all things according to categories of use. Clearly, seasonal items and more need. They, of course, the place is always there. But what has gone out of fashion, the family no one will wear — it is possible without regret, to put it in a box with the inscription "closed". It can be not only old clothes but also old shoes. If both are in relatively good condition, there is a reason to give the neighbors. As for the topic of conversation can take the "legend" to the effect that the small was the size. Of course, such a thing, the neighbours will not for charity, but for the fact that you are with them. And it is many appreciated. Include things in the "yard sale." Although now a shop is not available everywhere and it works differently than in Soviet times. However, the things that are in relatively good condition, take for sale. Toys can be attributed to the Department of sizewithfont: Depositphotos unnecessary things in families with children often include toys, which were growing children uninteresting. Toys can be transferred to an orphanage, if there is one in your locality. The only requirement is that they must be clean. In principle, it is possible to exchange them with other families on those toys that will interest your children. If the other option doesn't pass, it's much better to fold the toy in a transparent bag and leave it on the street. Someone will take if they see an interesting toy for your child. Now the Internet has resources aimed at the transfer of something to others for nothing. So you can use the services of these sites. There is sometimes a lot of time to the moment when your ad someone will respond. This is due to the fact that the ad itself gradually disappearing into the archive. Do not be lazy to repeat the text to pick it up in the beginning. Arrange a show at home with friends and znakomite: Depositphotos Well, the most effective, in my opinion, a way to "unload" from the old things to put on a show at home with friends and acquaintances. The show may be in the form of additions to the holiday feast. Already inform guests that you require from them any thing that they were not needed. While still interested in and what they would like to exchange these things. Of course, interested in and what your guests would like to get free from the category of retro. Continue to make up the script of the show. For example, you can take the theme "We are traveling back in time." Fun and jokes will abound, because they will be many interesting things associated with desires, which coincided with the exhibited things. Here is just one example: my friend was happy when in the course of such a show got a diesel retro is a lighter, and his wife's purse "under the skin of a crocodile". ...

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